Monday, May 2, 2022

First UMC Internship Week 15

Week 15 (4/25 - 5/1/2022)

12 hours 

This week, I helped to finalize the transition from the old analog mixer to the new digital mixer. For this, I helped to label the ends of all the xlr and 1/4" connectors on both snakes, unplug everything, move the old mixer to storage, place the new mixer on the deck of the sound booth and plug the inputs back into the back of the digital mixer .These inputs included the piano pick ups, the pulpit mic and the choir loft microphones and everything that was not plugged into either of the stage boxes that were installed earlier. I then helped to re-route the installed AES50 cable, and help run it to the location of the sound desk from the temporary location through the drop ceiling between the sanctuary and the basement. After moving the installed cable, I helped to test the new sound system with two set ups (one traditional service set up and one contemporary service set up) to make sure that the system was working properly as well as adjust levels and set the gain structure for Sunday's service. 

For the Sunday Services, my main job was to operate the cameras and video switcher, as well as monitor the audio that was coming into the encoder for streaming distribution. I also helped with the set up and tear down of microphones as well as helping to trouble shoot mixing board problems and questions if needed.