Monday, May 2, 2022

Degy Entertainment Internship - Week 15

29 hrs. 40 min.
This week was a bit hectic at one point as Degy had a lot of show posts to create, but not enough people on the graphics team to put them all together. So the whole team and I took an event Degy hosted and put together a graphic since some of them had to be done sooner than others (preferably in less than a week from when the event happened). It took me a little bit to come up with an idea for the graphic, but I'm really happy with how the graphic came out! I decided to do the carousel for Instagram because Degy hasn't posted those very often, so I wanted to "break the cycle"

Apart from that, I had my usual bi-weekly task of making the New Music Friday video, but this time around I wanted to make teh album cover and text bounce to the beat. This process took me working on the project for a few days because I had to essentially edit the bounces frame by frame so they were smooth and didn't cover the photo of the artist when it bounced. I am incredibly proud of the end result for that video and am already working on starting the next NMF video for next week (shook that it'll go up the day before graduation)