Monday, April 4, 2022

First UMC Internship Week 11

Week 11 (3/28 - 4/3/2022)

19.25 hrs

This week was very busy. On Friday, I helped install new small diaphragm condenser microphones that will be used to help pick up the organ better for the church's service live streams. These mics will also allow the far corners of the sanctuary, such as the second-floor balcony, to hear the organ a little clearer and more distinct. Before installing these new microphones, the church relied on the choir microphones to also pick up the organ. In addition to this, I helped my internship mentor set up and prepare for the sound team training on Saturday. 

On Saturday, I helped demonstrate the new digital mixing console and assisted in running video reinforcement for the sound team training. With this six-hour training course complete, my internship mentor and I were able to help the sound team begin the process of running the new mixing console for the contemporary worship services, as well as helping them to identify and address problems that happen on a semi-regular occurrence, such as feedback caused by gain levels being set too high for the microphones and improper gain staging. 

For Sunday, I helped set up, tear down, and soundcheck the microphones for both services. In addition to this, I helped to set up and re-demonstrate how to set up the new digital mixing console, and I ran the cameras and video switching set up for the second service.