Monday, March 14, 2022

First UMC Internship Week 8

Week 8 (3/7 - 3/13/2022)

15.5 hours

For my internship this week, due to spring break, I had the opportunity to spread out my internship work throughout the week and work on projects regarding both hardware installation as well as work on changing mixing console routing and set up per request from both the church and my internship instructor. I had the opportunity to come in on Thursday night and help the worship band get accustomed to the new in ear monitors that they will be using for services in the near future. Additionally, I had the opportunity to practice mixing the worship band with the new mixing console and set up settings such as eq and compression that were specific to the individuals that will be performing most Sundays. On Friday, I helped to install and mount the antennas for the wireless distribution unit as well as run a network cable through the drop ceiling between the first floor and the basement of the church. This network cable will be used to connect the new digital mixing console to the Church's network so that whoever is operating the sound board can mix from around the room using their iPad or laptop computer. 

For the Sunday services, I helped with setting up and tearing down microphones, mic stands and monitors for each service. I also helped with monitoring the sound going into the livestream and, at times, helped to operate the video reinforcement, video switcher and mixing console when the persons assigned to those roles had to step away for a brief period of time for various reasons.