Tuesday, March 8, 2022

First UMC Internship Week 7

Week 7 (2/28 - 3/6/22)

11 hours

   On Friday for this week at my internship, I helped to install a wireless antenna distribution unit into the back amp rack closet and move two of the wireless microphone receivers from the front rack to the back amp rack closet. This is in preparation for the next phase of integrating the new sound system into the church, where the Sound Team will be mixing the second service with the new mixing console for a period of time in order for all the members of the Sound Team to get used to mixing and operating on it. In addition to installing the physical hardware, I helped to run BNC antenna cables from the back mixing rack through the wall and the roof to the location where the paddle antennas will be placed in the church. 

  For the Sunday services, I helped to run the video switcher, make sure that audio was getting to the live stream, set up and tear down microphones and monitors, and helped troubleshoot various audio problems in both services.