Monday, March 15, 2021

Lars Tetens Music

Week 5, 10 hours worked. 
I went to work and Lars wanted to re-record one of the songs that we recorded the week before and 3 new songs to add to the "Live Show" youtube video I was editing. We recorded those songs. I started putting the new songs into the video I was putting together when I realized the songs didn't sound cohesive enough so I went back into the program and fix that. Lars also said since I had a mask on people couldn't tell if I was singing or not so I put background vocals in all the songs. I put all the audios back into the video editing system. I'm going to finish editing the video when I go in next week. He also brought to my attention a future project we will be working on. A freestyle rapper tragically passed away and his family wanted to make his raps into songs so we will be creating a chorus and getting in contact with animators to animate the rapper in his music videos.