Sunday, February 28, 2021

Final Focus Productions, week 4

Monday: Team meeting (via Zoom).  Discussed the calendar for the next few months and what I'd be doing.  I'll be doing all the driving since Steve's still recovering from surgery.  (2 hrs)

Wednesday: Drove to Steve's church in Carlisle to see how he runs the livestreams.  Loaded up Steve's gear into his car.  Drove to PWW for a meeting about their project, which we'll be filming in March/April.  (4 hrs)

Thursday: Dropped off Steve's equipment and picked up equipment for the AEAP shoot.  Met videographer at the AEAP shoot and set up greenscreen, lights, audio, video.  Observed shoot.  Tore down set.  Took Steve's equipment back to storage.  Afterwards, Steve gave me a demonstration of his file structure on Dropbox and introduced me to HubSpot and Screenlight.  Talked about the plan for editing the AEAP project.  (5 hrs)