Saturday, November 14, 2020

RDSD Publishing Week #12 (11/8 - 11/14)

Week #12: 11/8 - 11/14 (7 hours)

This week has been nothing short of a learning curve getting back into the swing of things since getting home. We had our usual one-on-one and team meetings this week which were very helpful thanks to the new Google Doc we have to keep ourselves on track. This week, I started up with Music Supervisor which is slowly coming along at the moment but I will be picking up steam. I was able to upload all the WAV files needed for that and I just have to register them one by one. Having done one already, I quickly realized that I'm really gonna need a way to make the process go a lot quicker. It isn't as user friendly as Songtradr but I will come up with a system to make putting the songs in there much quicker (one song took me 45 minutes more or less). I'm sure our next one-on-one will be very helpful with getting that situated going forward.