Saturday, November 7, 2020

RDSD Publishing Week #11 (11/1 - 11/7)

Week #11: 11/1 - 11/7 (5 hours)

This week was a shorter week since I had to pack up my room to move off-campus for the rest of the semester. However, I was able to have my usual one-on-one with Sherri to catch up and figure out the game plan for the week. Even though I wasn't at the team meeting due to my performance in the LVC Students in Recital, I was able to give my updates for the week to the team via email. After that, I finished entering Egon songs into Music Fortress and I read some more emails about updates to the CODA software and the Google Doc we would use to show our updates for the week so we could all stay on the same page and keep ourselves on track going forward.