Saturday, October 3, 2020

RDSD Publishing Week #6 (09/27 - 10/3)

Week #6: 9/27 - 10/3 (7 hours 45 minutes)

This week, I completed the back work of Shawn's acquisition in CODA and Music Fortress along with editing the HTML file to include his single on there. After that, I worked on the last step I needed to complete for the reversion we were doing by going onto Music Reports and Harry Fox (two sites I had yet to use) to access the codes that are associated with the composer's compositions. It was really cool getting to finally work with those sites and see how they worked as I only just heard about them in my classes. Once I got the codes, I created two notices that will be sent out to them to revert the rights back to the composer. Finally, I was given some tasks regarding educating myself about the MLC by going on their website to see what their process is from making an account to getting statements for royalties and then, I watched a webinar about what they're doing within the next few months and then in 2021 and beyond along with the preparations going into it both on the backend and with the involvement of the publishers and administrators using their services. I look forward to seeing where the MLC goes from here and what RDSD Publishing and I will do in our efforts to continue our prep with the MLC.