Sunday, September 6, 2020

RDSD Publishing Week #2 (8/31 - 9/6)

Week #2: 8/31 - 9/6 (10 hours 45 minutes)

This week, I had my second weekly meeting with Sherri to let her know where I was at with last week's project, and she assigned me my next project which was to find ISWC and Work IDs for songs that didn't have them in RDSD's catalog. I also came on Tuesday's team meeting with Sherri and her assistant Brian so I could meet him and get caught up with what was going on on all ends. She also sent out an update that the MLC released which was very informative and cool to learn about since we are months away from the Music Modernization Act being implemented. I also did the same ISWC & Work ID search for VALE Music Group's catalog and drafted the VALE Publishing Contract for Shawn Mathews' single "Bored" (which were assigned to me later in the week). Another great week with RDSD Publishing and looking forward to next week!