Saturday, August 29, 2020

Circle World Arts- Week #1 Report (8/23-29)

I am excited to begin working and learning with the team at Circle World Arts. I have been tasked with working with a team of 3 other interns on managing their social media and marketing. This past week, I have researched over 100 schools to potentially reach out to and compiled in excel. We have decided to target schools with recital attendance credits. Circle World Arts has awesome and highly-informative online workshops focusing on various topics on music, arts, and culture. I think their workshops are a great way for these university's students to learn from highly-talented musicians and artists while being socially distant. I will be sending out emails to universities next week regarding potential partnerships. We are also beginning to transition to a daily-upload schedule on all social media platforms to fulfill a major objective of gaining more followers (potential subscribers). We hope to successfully do this by transitioning social media accounts from promotional to educational. While still promoting upcoming workshops, next week we have various posts scheduled on Instagram and Facebook revolving around a central theme. I also suggested to the CEO, Hadi Eldbek, that a great way to optimize SEO is to blog. I will be making blog posts recapping and exploring more about the themes on social media. We are starting off weekly but I hope that we can also have a more regular upload schedule for the blog. Overall, I spent 15 hours this week on research and content creation.