Tuesday, June 9, 2020

AFCA Hours for May 11- June 7

Week 1, May 11- 17: 9.5 hours

     This week consisted mostly of establishing a plan for both the internship work to be completed this summer and for the actual social media campaign to be conducted in October-November. During this week, I made a tentative posting schedule, chose topics to focus on on social media, the website, and email communications; edited work previously done for AFCA in a course taken last spring semester, and began researching potential news outlets to advertise the Pass My Plate initiative to in the fall.

Week 2, May 18- 24: 9.5 hours

     This week consisted largely of research and beginning the graphic design portion of my work. I began by finishing my research into appropriate news outlets to send information on Pass My Plate to in the fall and gathered potential contacts for each outlet. When this was complete, I began making visuals for social media posts to be posted on Instagram and possibly Facebook in the fall. I also wrote captions for these posts, and gathered information to be used in blog posts on AFCA's website.

Week 3, May 25- 31: 9.5 hours

     During this week, I continued making post visuals and captions for various topics for AFCA's Instagram and Facebook. I also gathered contact information for previous Pass My Plate participants to send marketing materials to, and started writing press releases to send to the news contacts found in the previous week. 

Week 4, June 1- 7: 10.5 hours

     This week, I began by adding to blog posts written by my supervisor. I also revised the posting schedule for October and November to reflect slight changes in ideas I have had during the past few weeks. This will likely be revised again as I continue to work. I continued making visuals and captions for social media posts. The second half of the week consisted of researching people and groups to advertise the Pass My Plate challenge to, as a way of bringing more attention to the challenge by marketing it to people with a larger social media following or a group to have sign up for the event.