Monday, March 9, 2020

Week 7 at Progressive Studios

Week 7 - 28 hours total
Tuesday, March 3 - 8 hours
I cleaned for 3 hours before a client came in. Wiped windows, vacuumed and dusted everything.
Miss Senior America came in to make a CD for her to sing along with.
We had to EQ a couple of tunes and normalize them. We also had to rip a couple of songs from her laptop and then edit them, since they weren't on the CD she had originally given Joe. After a while, Fred Pellegrini came in to start setting up for a band called Fast Eddie. He was trying to get two ULN8 units to speak to each other.
Friday, March 6 - 4 hours
Checked patch bays for quality of signal. Laid down a lot of cable so Saturday's set up would be easy. Got 'fired' for not over-undering right. haha
Saturday, March 7 - 6 hours
Helped finish setting up.  Tracked full band on all 6 tunes.
Sunday, March 8 - 9 hours
Came in early to brew coffee and clean stuff up for the band. Chilled for a little bit while Fred tried to figure out (first) why Studio One wasn't opening properly and (second) had to repatch everything because the patchbay wasn't working. I got to track some guitar and bass overdubs. Fred and Keith (another producer who Fred brought in, mostly for his large selection of excellent mics) seemed to be happy with my engineering. The band also seemed to be very happy with my help (and paid me cash for it!). Overall an excellent weekend. Fred and I are going to go back in on Tuesday (tomorrow) to clean up any mess and do a little preliminary mixing.