Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Weeks 4 and 5 at Progressive Studios!

I forgot to report on week 4 so I'm putting these two weeks together. I hope that's okay :)

Week 4:
Monday, Feb 10 - 1.5 hours
I listened to a session of overdubs for the kid's program. One kid played bass parts on a keyboard and the other played guitar.

Friday, Feb 14 - 3 hours
I processed several chapters of Joe's audiobook (Focus on Your Light) and let him know about some chapters that still need editing.

Week 5:
Friday, Feb 21- 4 hours
Continued "mopping" (removing clicks/pops from) Joe's audiobook. Then, Joe and I did several errands including picking up coffee from St. Thomas Roasters, dropping things off at the post office, going to banks, and walking his Mother-In-Law's dog, Callie.