Thursday, August 1, 2019

The Public Theater Week #11 (Last Week)

Shakespeare in the Park Week #11 (FINAL WEEK)

Thursday, July 25th: 10am - 6pm (8hrs)
      •  Previews are going really well. They are moving the Freeze up to Saturday, instead of next Wednesday. Worked on tech tables and monitored gear.

Friday, July 26th: 10am-6pm (8hrs)
     • Previews are still popping off, so we are setting up tech tables and monitoring speakers/equipment during run throughs. Also fixing any and all NFG (not functioning gear)

Saturday, July 27th: 10am-6pm (8hrs)
     • Show freezes today, so we had to wrap up any audio/tech notes in order to be prepared for opening night on the 5th 

Monday, July 29th: 11am-5pm (6hrs)
     • Worked in Hercules Audio Prep. Labeling the band rack and putting equipment together to prepare for change over.

Tuesday, July 30th: 11am-5pm (6hrs)
     • Continued prepping for Hercules changeover. Relabeled bundles and plotted our cable runs.

Wednesday, July 31st: 10am-1pm (3hrs) LAST DAY!!!
     • Today was my last day, so we did minimal work and then celebrated the summer with lunches and picnics in the park.

This internship was cut short due to a family emergency and little to no work for the upcoming two weeks. Since Coriolanus is frozen, the notes crew doesn’t have any notes to work on. Corrine also felt confident letting me go early because I will be back working at the Public Theater starting January 5th, 2020 for their winter theater festival.

Total Hours: 494 hrs
Total Days: 61 days