Monday, August 12, 2019

MSI week 9

Speaker prep for Newport jazz fest. 
V25, 932, hex 12, V20, 4886.
speaker sweep, clean, and rigging check
7 hours worked

packing trunks and building racks for Newport jazz fest.
ricking trucks, fly trucks, input, and output trucks preps. 
 programing amp racks
building RF racks
7.5 hours worked

truck pack for Newport Jazz fest. 
last-minute checks.
this is Bills show and I helped him a few weeks back for Hampton Jazz fest. So he trusted me to double-check everything. 
8 hours worked 

Drove to Coopers town New York. (I had no warning) 
we were providing pa stacks for a show and they needed someone to run up extra gear.  
the drive was 350+ miles one way. there and back one day. 
13 hours worked. 12 hours of driving 

Cincinnati pack day
all hand on deck. 
everyone working together to pack and load a show leaving the next day. 
7 hours worked