Monday, August 12, 2019

MSI Week 12

Newport truck unpack. 
speaker sweep. 
7.25 hours worked.

helped Bill unpack and deprep. 
talked to him about touring companies I should try to work at (recommendations include Clair, Sound Image, and RAT). 
7 hours worked. 

deprepped all day. 
racks, speakers, rigging, and cable trucks. 
6.75 hours worked. 

rental nonsense, packing vans, driving vans across town, unpacking and deprepping. 
got Kevin to give me a walk-through of the DeFat setup. ( satellite testing system).
Learned what why and how. and got to stand in a room with speakers pumping noise at 170+ dB. I obviously had hearing protection on.

speaker repair/ rebuilding party. 
went through every speaker in maintenance and determined whether or not it could be fixed with or without ordering anything. everything that could be fixing with parts we had got fixed. learned that the Drivers in the Hex wedges have two drivers and one magnet. crazy stuff. 
helped fix the main air compressor system
7.5 hours worked.