Monday, August 12, 2019

MSI Week 10

load out of Bladensburg highschool.
stacks and racks, 932s, BB21s, hex15s, amp racks, RF
cleared the stage of all mics, speakers, and cables.
someone stool my sunglasses.
Jeff and I got really mad because it should have been a 3 man job but it was just the two of us.
(later that night)
4 pole tear town on the National Mall.
9 hours worked.

after working all sunday this was the slowest week of the summer. full of funding busy work. everyone that was left in the shop, not just me.

Cinci truck pack 2.0
reconed speakers.
7 hours worked

scheduled to be off but came in and depreped what I could.
left early to go to DC for a John Mayer concert at the phonebooth
3.5 hours worked.

finished my deprepping from the day before.
swept what hadn't been swept.
6.5 hours worked.

Ken came to me saying he had a venue owner coming in to listen to speakers to help upgrade his system. I set up 932, 4886, 928,hex15, 4892, ac28. ran them all through a Yamaha QL1 and then Jeff taught me how to build a show file in performance manager to program all the amps. the guy showed up and listened to the speakers for 10 minutes and then I had to tear it all down. At least i learned something and it was fun for me to listen to everything side by side.
7.25 hours worked.

scheduled off but came in and helped reorganize and clean up Sweep.
then left early to go see Billy Joel at Camden Yards.
3.5 hours worked.