Thursday, August 1, 2019

Gradwell House Week 7

July 26th
- Sat in on a mixing session for a jazz flutist
- Checked and reset rehearsal rooms
- Cleaned up dishes and kitchen area
- Reset live tracking room, tore down vocal session
- Editing some files that were not tracked at an even tempo, used software to realign drum parts
- Helped dig through old hard drives to find some old files for a compilation album
Hours: 12

July 28th
- Checked rehearsal rooms, reset drum kit and PA system in one of the rooms
- Washed dishes, cleaned up kitchen area
- Drum session in live room for pop punk band from Texas
- Cleared out one of the smaller tracking rooms, brought in couches and lights for a filmed podcast
- Setup for podcast session, monitored as the podcast recorded, and helped edit podcast
Hours: 12

Total Hours: 24