Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Atlantic Week 7/8

Atlantic Internship, week 7, Wednesday/Thursday 10-6 (16 hours)

It was business as usual this week, a couple of meetings for the marketing campaign, and I was also sent out for a little trip to duplicate a blue ray disk, something I’ve never done before. I didn’t really have any idea why I needed to do so, but it was in my childhood neighborhood so that was nice to visit again, in Hell’s kitchen. Otherwise, nothing terribly exciting happened, just took care of status reports and worked on the marketing campaign. 

Week 8, Wednesday/Thursday 10-6 (16 hours)

This week was a bit of a lull, as the marketing campaign my group has been working on came to a finish. We all finished our parts and sent the hard copy off to Atlantic in Los Angeles, and will be doing our presentations this week. With the summer coming to a close, I’m hoping to talk with a few other departments to see about actually working with the label. But next week my group and I will present our campaign for rapper Roddy Ricch, and the members of the winning group get tickets for an Atlantic artist of their choice.