Wednesday, August 4, 2021

UMC Audio Week 9

Week 9 Total hours 12.5

CSAV finished installing the sound systems in both buildings this week.

John from CSAV returned Thursday morning to fix the monitor sends with a firmware update but this didn’t solve the problem of the monitor mixes being unaffected by the fader or mute button. There was a setting involving pre and post fader that affected the mix bus channel instead of the send channels. Both systems have the latest firmware now so they match.

At CUMC service this week, rhythm guitarist played the hymns today. NEUMC service the iPad wasn’t connected to the sound board after the firmware update. Fixed it after service by making the IP address on the iPad match the X32.

Triforce Week #9

Week #9. I worked 9.5 hours this week. We went back to St. Paul's in Etown and finished the installation of the sound absorption panels throughout the sanctuary of the church. We installed 18 panels in total.

Monday, August 2, 2021

Hadassah Project Week 8

Intern report: Week number, hours worked, brief description of work.
Week of 7/28-8/2
Hours worked: 12 
- Compiling EPK options 
- completing Indepro courses 
- planning for meeting with Mike and Hadassah for later this week to plan for last few weeks of work 

Benedict Week of 7/26

This week was similar to the previous weeks where I worked on matching raw mix files to the wet versions which is still very difficult but something that I am getting significantly better at each time I work on the project. I also had a zoom meeting earlier in the week to check my progress and make corrections.

Sunday, August 1, 2021

CPFJ Week 9

This week I worked on social media posts for our upcoming events and thanks for our recent past events.  In addition, I worked on the weekly newsletter that we send out each Thursday.  I worked less hours this week as I left for a vacation on Thursday.  My total hours worked is 15 hours.

Saturday, July 31, 2021

Progressive Enterprises Sound Studios - Week 9

Week 9
Hours worked: 19.5 hours

Organizing sheet music in binders, organized box of cassette tapes, Aristocrats video work
Shadowed recording session with Jay Kirssin, loaded and helped set up equipment, tore down everything afterwards, loaded equipment into vehicles
More Aristocrats video work; cleaning office, alphabetizing CDs, organizing books on shelves

Friday, July 30, 2021

Westmoreland Cultural Trust - Week 8

Evangeline Orlosky
Week 8 7/26-30/2021
26 Hours
Researched and contacted more food trucks for Greensburg Music Fest, built pvc pipe frame for our banner, edited art alley videos(added in music and photos), informed coworker who was on break of what had happened the week before both for the office and for the concert, checked responses from food trucks and updated excel sheet, researched the band for this week, concert was moved indoors, set up, mixed monitors(The Bricks and Joe Scheller), tore down.

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

UMC Audio Week 8

Week 8 hours 23

CSAV completed installing the new system in the social hall and started the installation in the sanctuary. This was one of the first times I've been trained to use a digital system formally and the flexibility provided is great. Install of the sanctuary system began on the last day of the social hall install. CUMC had their second outdoor movie night of the summer this week and after some technical difficulties with the laptop not reading The Santa Clause DVD the movie still started on time.

CPFJ Week 8

This week I continued my work on social media and the weekly newsletter.  I also worked ahead on planning social media posts for all of August in our calendar.  On Sunday, I set up our table at The Englewood for our weekly Jazz Brunch and handed out postcards of our upcoming events to attendees.  Total hours worked:28 hours

Hadassah Project Week 7

Intern report: Week number, hours worked, brief description of work.
Week of July 19th-23rd
Hours worked: 10 
- compiling EPK ideas 
- made progress on Indeprenuer lessons 
- made a plan for next meeting with Mike and Hadassah (first week of Aug) 

Monday, July 26, 2021

Triforce Week #8

Week # 8. I worked 15 hours this week. I shadowed a session recording a local band called Wayward Giants (made up of LVC alum). I also helped move some of Triforce's equipment down from a rental space and organized it.

Benedict Week of 7/19

This week we continued on matching raw files to the finished mix version to better understand mixing and work on additional ear training. I will continue to work on exercises like this for the remainder of the summer along with other projects.

Friday, July 23, 2021

Progressive Enterprises Sound Studios - Week 8

Week 8
Hours worked: 13 hours

Outdoor maintenance, assisted with mic check, identified and helped fix headphone ground buzz issue, shadowed recording session, made copies of music, set up/tore down guitar setup, editing videos in iMovie, bounced a bunch of songs for mastering from Logic

Westmoreland Cultural Trust - Week 7

Evangeline Orlosky
Week 7 7/19-23/2021
34 Hours
Since a coworker is out of the office, I was asked to man the front desk for the time being, which extended my hours and expanded my duties. Edited art alley videos, fixed up art alley excel sheet, created documents for this Thursday's concert, took phone calls, returned phone calls, made new food truck excel sheet for Greensburg Music Fest, moved finished art alley videos to external SSD, called members to confirm reservations for Thursday's concert, drafted email for contacting food trucks for Greensburg Music Fest, set up for the concert, rang out monitors, mixed monitors for Hamilton Ave(Classic Rock) and Brad Abbott, tore down concert. This week's concert had our biggest crowd yet of at least 220 people. 

Tuesday, July 20, 2021


Week 7 18 hours
Praise team rehearsal was normal this week but service at NEUMC had a hum/buzz in the monitors. There was enough time to dampen them but not to eliminate it before service started. More inventory work was done this week. CSAV began the installation of a new audio system at NEUMC in the social hall. Due to insurance reasons I could not help in the installation process but I am their contact point with the church.

Triforce Week #7

Week #7. I worked 18.5 hours this week. I helped organize the studio, and I also helped with running a live (hip-hop) stage at Penn Square in Lancaster. I ran the stage by myself after set-up and cleaned it up myself. 

Week of 7/12 Benedict

This week I spent more time on matching files to their finished version to practice mixing. I did a lot of this work away from the studio out of necessity and the final product suffered from it. I then was told to rework the files in the studio and submit them again. I was also given additional files to work on.

Monday, July 19, 2021

CPFJ Week 7

This week was pretty normal, I worked on promoting our event at Fort Hunter on social media and through our newsletter.  I also worked on inputting donations and membership renewals into Salesforce.  I was unable to attend our event on Friday due to a family emergency.

Total hours: 22 hours

Progressive Enterprises Sound Studios - Week 7

Week 7
Hours worked: 17.5 hours

Helped with 2 recording sessions, setting up mics, shadowing recording, tearing down setup, took photos during recording
Office organization, other maintenance

Saturday, July 17, 2021

Westmoreland Cultural Trust - Week 6

Evangeline Orlosky
Week 6 7/12-16/2021
27.5 Hours
Edited art alley videos, went to the courthouse and got next year's Small Games of Chance Permit, mailed corporate partner VIP cards, mailed another Achievement in the Arts pin and letter at the post office, called members to confirm reservations for this weeks concert, laminated reservation name signs, moved art alley videos onto the new external hard drive, set up concert(Maria Yezovich with John Zelhart and Aubrey Burchell with Noah Myers), manned reservation table(coworker is on medical leave so I had to do her job), tore down concert, picked up zip ties and PVC connectors from hardware store.

Hadassah Project week 6

Hours Worked: 10 

researching and compiling EPK options 
creating outline of goals and critiques for social media marketing 
creating plan for implementing marketing campaigns for album and single releases 

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Triforce Week #6

Week #6, I worked 4.5 hours this week. We went to a church in Elizabethtown and installed some sound absorption panels to help with a pretty significant flutter in their sanctuary. 

UMC Audio Week 6

Week 6 10.5 hours

This week there the first concert of the summer was held and it went smoothly. Nothing out of the ordinary happened at praise team rehearsal or the two services.

Monday, July 12, 2021

Benedict Week of 7/5

Was assigned and worked on some mixing practice over the course of the holiday week but need to finish the tracks for submission in the next two days or so and get back into more mastering.

CPFJ Week 6

This week we worked on getting everything prepared for our concert this past Saturday.  I continued to promote and work on social media posts trying to get as many tickets sold as possible.  In addition, I worked on organizing our Canva page and deleting pictures and promotions that were no longer needed.  On Saturday, I worked alongside Andy to help set up, run, and tear down the event with the help of the Gretna Music Staff.  Hours worked: 30 hours.

Saturday, July 10, 2021

Progressive Enterprises Sound Studios - Week 7

Week 7
Hours worked: 11 hours

Assisted with MIDI sequencing for Christmas CD project, Aristocrats work in iMovie, bounced 3 Aristocrats songs for mastering

Recording Mikaela Krall:
  • set up mics for piano, cello and vocals
    • 5 mics on piano, 1 room mic
    • 2 mics on cello
    • 1 vocal mic
  • recorded piano for 1 song, cello for 3 songs, and vocals for 1 song
  • set up mics for next day's session (also with Mikaela)
    • 5 mics for guitar
    • 1 mic for clarinet
  • kept vocal mic as is

Friday, July 9, 2021

Westmoreland Cultural Trust - Week 5

Evangeline Orlosky
Week 5 7/5-9/2021
23 Hours
No work on 7/5 observed 4th of July holiday, edited art alley videos, connected with this weeks performer(Gary Pratt with Kate Szellar and Chelsea Biehl with Scott Ruffner) to talk about gear(regular audio engineer is on vacation), confirmed food truck for this week, set up VIP corporate partner cards to be mailed, confirmed moving concert indoors with musicians, toured Palace Theatre and grabbed extra gear for the concert just in case, set up the concert, mixed concert(had to mix between performers and between songs because the board was behind performers on the stage area), tore down, researched external SSDs to store the art alley video files.

Hadassah Project Week 5

Week 5 

Hours Worked: 11

Researching more marketing methods 
researching possible revenue streams associated with the brand 
researching costs for possible implementation 

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Triforce Week #5

I didn't work this week. Mike from Triforce and I discussed, and due to me being far ahead with my hours (79/135), and the lack/unpredictability of work this week, he decided that I didn't need to come in.


Week 5 Total hrs 8.25 hrs


Continued taking inventory and measuring cables at NEUMC. Most of them were speaker cables with ¼” or speak-on ends.

Praise team rehearsal. Tested adding the pastor’s son on guitar


Searching for replacement screen. This was a remote activity. Results pending.


Setup for service at CUMC included adding a mic for today’s guitar music and adding a projector for a new sermon series “at the Movies”.

The short cords of the projector and computer boxed me into my seat at the sound board.

At NEUMC the guitarist was plugged into the same DI box as the praise team and there is already a projector here so a XLR cable was run from the computer to the board using an adapter fropm 1/8” to XLR with a gain knob.

Benedict Week of 6/28

This week I began working on projects in Studio C at LVC since my system at home was letting me low end frequencies very well. I also had a zoom meeting where we went over projects and began identifying problems areas and how to correct them.

Westmoreland Cultural Trust - Week 4

Evangeline Orlosky
Week 4 6/28 - 7/2
26 Hours
Learned how to do reservations for concerts in the system, edited more art alley videos, sorted and mailed Achievement in the Arts awards, set up concert, mixed monitors for the String Theory Duo, tore down concert, set up for grad party that was the next day.

Monday, July 5, 2021

Progressive Enterprises Sound Studios - Week 5

Progressive Enterprises Sound Studios - Week 5

Hours worked: 11.5 hours

  • Assisted with live sound gig at J&P Winery in Grantville, PA
    • set up/tore down 1 piano keyboard, 1 microphone, and 2 speakers
    • adjusted sound level while Joe passed around mic to guests
    • talked briefly with Jim Blunt and Bob Frye, both LVC alumni
  • cleaning and vacuuming at the studio
  • put away equipment from the live sound gig
  • organized a bookcase
  • set up 2 Moog synths
  • Learned about Hammond organ
  • Bounced 1 Aristocrats movie
    • sent to former bandmate Ray for feedback
Joe took a sabbatical from studio work during the first week of July. My next interning date is Thursday, July 8.

CPFJ Week #5

This week at CPFJ we worked on social media, office enhancement, and logistics for upcoming events.  As usual, I worked throughout the week on creating new social media posts.  I also added new events to different calendars of local news and community sites.  Finally, Andy and I worked on moving around the office to fit our new wall calendars in.  These wall calendars allow us to plan out our goals three months in advance and have them physically displayed to increase productivity and vision. Total hours: 25 hours.

Friday, July 2, 2021

The Hadassah Project Week 4

Week 4 

Hours worked: 10

Researching marketing methods for small artists 
focusing on music for everyone release 

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Week 4 UMC Audio

Week 4 total hours 10.75


Praise team rehearsal at NEUMC. Fixed monitor problem by turning the pot down for the monitor channel, it was overdriving the headphone amp.


Mock setup of system for Friday Movie Night. Had to strip the speaker cables and struggled with a dull tool and old cable. Also measured the projector screen so a replacement can be ordered.

Before sunset setup for movie. Done in about 30 minutes. Mostly a smooth performance, a little bit of dirt on the disc caused some artifacts.

 6/27 Mostly regulars services except two headphone amps needed their 9V batteries replaced.

Benedict Week of 6/21

This week I focused on mastering a several more tracks and had a studio session to review my masters from the previous week where we noticed that I was compensating for a lack of low-end on my system. Something that I need to adjust for accordingly.

Monday, June 28, 2021

Triforce Week 4

Week #4. I worked a little over 22 hours this week. On Friday night, we set up and ran sound for Latin swing band in Binn's Park for Celebrate Lancaster. On Saturday, we set up and ran sound for 5 different bands at Javapalooza street fest in Hershey.

Hadassah Project Week 3

Intern report: Week number, hours worked, brief description of work.

Week 3 
Hours Worked: 8hrs

- Critiqued social media profiles for Hadassah 
- Gave comprehensive suggestions and ideas 
- Began plan for implementing suggestions 
- starting social media push for a single release in a week! 

CPFJ Week 4

This week I was tasked with creating many social media posts for the future and updating our google calendar with any new jazz performances that we have been made aware of.  I set future social media posts for the upcoming weeks and I worked on the weekly email newsletter.  I also had the opportunity to meet with Dauphin County Parks and Rec alongside Andy to plan an outdoor concert at Fort Hunter and to discuss logistics for our Jazz Walk coming up soon.  I worked a total of 20 hours this week as Andy gave me Monday off for working the Sunday before all day.

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Westmoreland Cultural Trust - Week 3

Evangeline Orlosky
Week 3 6/21-25/2021
26 Hours
Removed noise from audio for art alley videos,  edited and color corrected art alley videos, troubleshoot Davinci Resolve, set up concert venue, mixed monitors for Byron Nash and Alan Getto, recorded video for Byron Nash's drummer, tore down concert. 

Friday, June 25, 2021

Progressive Enterprises Sound Studios - Week 4

Week 4
Hours worked: 10 hours

Monday, June 21: assisted with maintenance around house, rewrapping cables; worked on Aristocrats music videos in iMovie

Thursday, June 24: continued work on Aristocrats videos, finished two, started one
At this point, we have two videos completely finished (audio remastered, video completed) and two videos almost completed (audio is unmastered)

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Benedict week of 6/14

 This week the focus was on learning to master EPs and keeping the tone the same. I then mastered two EPs and had a zoom call with Mr. Tarsia to go over previous masters of mine

Benedict week of 6/7

 This week I had additional zoom calls with Mr. Tarisa and worked on several assignments he gave me and I also went to his studio to observe sessions and work on projects.

Benedict week of 5/31

This week was the beginning of my internship with Mr. Tarsia and we focused on reviewing compression, eq, etc. And I began a mix project that will be worked on for quite awhile. I also was given several tracks to master and have been making good progress on them.

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Week 3 UMC Audio

Week 3 10 hours

6/16 Praise team rehearsal at NEUMC started with technical problems for the bass-guitarist who returned from a trip this week. Monitor balance was not ideal. Turns out the monitors were set post-fader instead of pre-fader. There was no time to correct this for every input on both monitor channels. This will be first on the agenda next week.

6/18 Another day of taking inventory. Today was all XLR cables. Measuring, wrapping and labeling.

 6/20 Service at CUMC went well. Mic swap had no complications. At NEUMC the guitarists monitor was full of a crackling. Had time to determine it wasn’t the headphones being used so the headphone amp and cable will be investigating the next week in addition to rebalancing the monitors.

6/21 Take measurements and photos of the space at CUMC. Drawings with the measurements on them were made as well. I need to find my systems design notes and begin designing an AV system for the space.

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Hadassah Project Week #2

Intern report: Week number, hours worked, brief description of work.

Week of 6/14 

Hours Worked: 11 hrs 

Worked more on Indepreuer;
- completed Spotify Field Guide 
- completed Fan Page Optimization 

- Had a meeting with Mike about the plan for social media critique/recommendation meetings 

Monday, June 21, 2021

Triforce Week #3

Week #3, I worked 16.5 hours. We prepped for Friday's live gigs (2 stages) in Lancaster and we recorded 7 songs for a band's demo. 

CPFJ Week 3

This week we worked on setting up for our Gretna Grooves concert, big band night at The Englewood, and jazz brunch at The Englewood.  I was tasked with creating our weekly newsletter that got sent out on Thursday.  I also created social media posts and scheduled them for days in advance.  I created ideas in our google calendar for social media posts 3-4 times a week in the future.  This Sunday I was present at both the jazz brunch at The Englewood and the Gretna Grooves concert and helped fulfill the rider for the artists, take pictures for CPFJ, and helped in many other ways. This week I worked at total of 37 hours.

Friday, June 18, 2021

Westmoreland Cultural Trust - Week 2

Evangeline Orlosky
Week 2 6/14-18/2021
26 Hours
Laminated signs for shows, toured art floor of the building, checked email to performers, organized gear for concerts, bought wire cutters, cut volunteer cards, wrote dated and copied special occasion liquor license permits, delivered grant contract to courthouse, started working on Art in the Alley videos, made a spreadsheet of the artists, set up concert, mixed monitors for Josh Jams and Spencer Allan Patrick, tore down, worked a table at diversity event for Westmoreland County at the Robertshaw Amphitheatre.