Wednesday, July 10, 2019

The Public Week #8

Coriolanus: Shakespeare in the Park, Week #8

Tuesday, July 2nd: 9am-5pm (8 hrs)
     • Quiet Time: testing delays and speaker quality 

Wednesday, July 3rd: 9am-5pm (8 hrs)
     • Quiet time pt. 2 ish: testing sound design and microphone quality.

Friday, July 5th: 9am-5pm (8 hrs)
     • A2 work preparing for the first day of tech. Rerunning network cable.

Tuesday, July 9th:  9am-5pm (8 hrs)
     • First day of tech for Coriolanus!! Meet and greet with cast and crew. Rerunning microphone lines and working on designer notes.

Just an update on hours. I’ve worked at total of 45 days so far. Each day is a 9-5, resulting in 8 hours a day. So as of now I’ve worked 360 wonderful hours for the Public Theater.