Sunday, July 7, 2019

MSI week 7

10 hours worked
Hampton Jazz Fest.
took a train to the Hampton Coliseum in Hampton Virginia.
got my stage pass and a rundown of what I needed to do for load out after the show was over.
helped sound check Gerald Albright.
I got to mix Gerald Albright at the Hampton Coliseum for 10,000 people... yeah I didn't see that coming.
helped change out front of house engineers for each set.
went out for a beer with the rest of the crew.

road truck back from Hampton to the shop with Ryan. talked about different things in the job. about different Gear, and about working for MSI.
after getting back we unpacked and repacked trucks including 4th of July.
found out I will be working all week on 4th of July on the National Mall.

17 hours worked
load in for 4th of July on the mall.
All gear unloaded and placed. worked through two rain storms. put up 3 out of 4 poles, got one out of 6 arrays hung. had to get 3 shooting boom forklifts delivered because the first one kept overheating and the second was leaking fluid.

13 hours worked.
all arrays hung, all poles up, all sound checked and all RF Tested.
set up transmitter from the main mix console on the stage at the Lincoln Memorial to our main mixer feed on the National Mall.

11 hours worked
4th of July on the National Mall.
I manned and controlled the two delay towered that covered the JFL hockey fields and the Refection pool in front of the Lincoln Memorial where Trump was speaking. Had a feed of the speech, the military band's performances, was right under the flyovers and pipped fireworks music onto the Mall.
afterwards: prepped everything to go onto a truck the next morning.

9 hours worked
4th of July loadout.
packed all gear onto a truck. pulled down all poles and put them onto a truck.

60+ hour week.