Tuesday, August 14, 2018

The Jamwich

Week 10

August 7th
Hours worked: 4
-Posted up a what's up weekly article
-Posted a review of Tumble Down fest
-Posted a preview for Suwannee Roots Revival
-Posted an article for Grand 'Ole Ditch
-Facebook and Twitter posts about all posts above ^^^

August 8th
Hours worked: 3
-Posted a preview for The Big What
-Maintained the press pass sheet
-Sent out a mass email to writers and photographers

August 9th
Hours worked:3
-Make a list of festivals that.....
1- have already passed and still needs coverage
2- have a writer assigned but still needs a preview
3- have either a photographer or writer but not both
4- still needs emails sent out

- send out an email for Garefest and Festival in the Field for writers and photographers.

Total hours worked: 10