Tuesday, August 14, 2018

The Jamwich

Week 9

July 31th
Hours worked: 12
-Drove to Werk Out Fest
-Helped set up a stage

August  1st
Hours worked: 6
-Stayed at the front gate and waved cars in according to whom they were (artist/vendor/VIP)
-Folded programs for the festival

August 2nd
Hours worked: 5
-Made the runners a parking spot
-Painted a structure for the art gallery
-Guarded the art gallery
-Swept up the catering area

August 3rd
Hours worked: 5
-Cleaned some dishes for catering
-Shucked 600 pieces corn
-Passed out plates for artists and staff
-Guarded the artist tent

August 4th
Hours worked: 6
-Drove back to PA

Total hours worked: 34