Monday, July 16, 2018

The Jamwich

Week 5

July 3rd
Hours worked: 1
-Find photos for the Harpers Ferry Outdoor Music Festival review article
-Post the new issue of The Jamwich for sale.

July 4th
Hours worked: 3
-Check the press pass to see what festival/events are coming up
-Send Haley an email to check her progress with the Frendly Gathering review.
-Make a list of festivals that don't have a writer or a photographer.
-Send out emails regarding writers and photographers for Brokedown Floatdown and the Jerry Garcia Birthday Bash.

July 5th
Hours worked: 3
-Drive to Yonderville

July 6th
Hours worked: 14
-From 11am to 1am I stayed at the "Forest Stage" working with Taco Olmstead moving gear on and off the stage for each band that played.
-During this time I walked a dog named Floyd, he was the sound engineers dog and he told me that I will be on "Floyd duty" from time to time.

July 7th
Hours worked: 12
-From 1pm to 1am I helped Taco Olmstead move gear on and off stages again but this time Taco told me I don't need to stay around the stage.
-I was told to adventure around, meet musicians, vendors (food/trinkets), painters, and other staff.

Total hours worked: 33 hours