Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Audio Recording Unlimited Week #8

Week #8

Hours Worked: 8.5
-Sat in a Source Connect test with a studio in London 
     -test signal and work out any glitches for upcoming session
-Sat in session with Michael Walters
     -VO recording for MTI Mechanical Technical Trade
-Recorded a VO session for McDonald's 
-Re-recorded a few lines for a medical disclaimer

Hours Worked: 8.5
-Sat in a session connecting to two other studios in the US
     -One studio in St. Louis and another in New York 
-Recorded VO for Comedy Central 
     -also recorded an audition for Pete Stacker and his daughter
-Read for a scratch VO track and to test different mics to decide which is the best for the spot
-Worked on Intern Project

Hours Worked: 8.5
-Read for background voices for a commercial
-Sat in VO recording session for Comedy Central
-Sat in VO recording session for Toyota
-Sat in VO recording session for Gallo Wine
-Worked on Intern Project
-Sat in VO recording session with Sheldon Smith