Wednesday, June 27, 2018

The Jamwich

Week 3

June 18th
Hours worked: 1
-Posted a festival preview based on the new location for Paradise Music and Beer Festival

June 19th
Hours worked: 3
-Posted an album review for Box Era's Xanadu
-Posted a festival preview for the 20th and final Harpers Ferry Outdoor Festival
-Posted a festival review for Disc Jam
-Updated the Press Pass Assignments sheet which is basically a spreadsheet that has festivals along with their dates, the individual covering the writing, and the individual covering photography

June 20th
Hours worked: 2
-Posted a festival preview for Arroyo Seco Weekend
-Signed up to be a volunteer at Yonderville, The Big What, and The Werk Out Fest.

June 21st
Hours worked: 1
-Posted an article about Love Canon releasing their new album 'Cover Story'

June 22nd
Hours worked:1
-Posted a festival preview for Wild Woods.

Total hours worked: 8