Monday, February 5, 2018

Lebanon Mayor's Office, Week 3

Week 3, 1/29/18 - 2/2/18: 15 Hours Worked

Monday: I was assigned a new project to research ways that other cities market their BID, such as vacant commercial properties and business incentives. I was also informed to continue researching Valentine's Day deals. Additionally, I was assigned to sort out the welcome letters the mayor wrote for displaced Puerto Ricans into the Spanish version of the City Resident Booklet.

I worked 3 hours.

Tuesday: I finished sorting out the welcome letters from Monday. I made additional progress with my assigned research for BID marketing and Valentine's Day promotions. I was also assigned a new project which was to summarize the Business Facts Summary of the Lebanon City BID area.

I worked 2 hours.

Wednesday: I finished putting together most of the information for the BID marketing assignment and for the Business Facts summary.

I worked 2 hours.

Thursday: I turned in the Business Facts summary as well as the BID marketing assignment. I also spent the bulk of the shift finishing the Valentine's Day promotions sheet. I turned that in at the end of the shift.

I worked 5 hours.

Friday: I spent the shift researching strategies that other surrounding cities implement for publishing their newsletters. For example, many city newsletters begin with a message from the mayor, and follow a consistent structure of stories and community events.

I worked 3 hours