Sunday, January 28, 2018

Mohegan Sun Arena Week 1

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Today I was introduced to the office and was shown around the arena. I was given different maps and emergency protocols depending on where and what I would be doing. This was an introduction day as I got to learn about my roles and responsibilities. I worked for 2 hours today.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Today I came in at noon to help set up for the event that night which was WWE Live. WWE Live's crew was late so my supervisor had me listen in on a phone call between him and Dustin Turner, a promoter from AEG Live in Nashville. Dustin represented Little Big Town, who is performing at the arena in about a month.

After the phone call my supervisor and I looked at the marketing campaign for Little Big Town and had me record and scan invoices from different media outlets we advertised at. Since Little Big Town's audience is aged 35-55, likes country music, and an income of less than $50k a year most of the advertising went into print and radio. During this process I learned a lot about how the arena promotes and how promoters and the arena make their money.

Next I shadowed the Head of Operations, Brandon, around as they set up for WWE. I set up chair around the wrestling ring.

Then I went back to my supervisor and he taught me how to change the video board marquee outside the arena. After we changed the marquee for the upcoming week we went to the video room to create advertisements for the inside of the arena.

After that we went to the basement of the arena and helped with the VIP meet-and-greet that was about to happen. It wasn't that difficult because there were only about 10 VIPs. I learned meet-and-greet VIP tickets are a great way to make money.

Finally my last job was to escort media around the arena to designated places. This wasn't hard because it was a non-televised WWE event and there was only one journalist there. After that I was allowed to stay and watch the show, but I left quickly after it started. I worked 8 hours.

This week I worked 10 hours.