Monday, January 22, 2018

Community and Economic Development Internship, Lebanon Mayor's Office, Week 1

Week 1, 1/15/18 - 1/19/18: 13 hours worked

Monday, Jan. 15: After introducing me to the rest of the faculty in the office, Ms. Mendoff (my supervisor, who is Lebanon's Community and Economic Development Administrator) candidly assigned me the two main projects for the week: Revising the Spanish version of the Lebanon Resident's City Booklet, and revising the translation for their Start-Your-Own-Business flow chart.

Revising the Spanish version of the Booklet proved to be the most painstaking (though enjoyable) task, not because of difficulty, but because of the amount of mistakes that I found. It took me until Thursday to finish it. I finished the day having worked on 3 pages.

I worked 3 hours.

Tuesday, Jan. 16: I finished revising the translation for the Start-Your-Own-Business flow chart early in my shift. I then shifted my attention to the Booklet, and I finished revising about 4 more pages.

I worked 2 hours.

I was invited on Monday to attend a meeting Tuesday night regarding the Lebanon Public Pool next to Coleman Park. The members of the city council held this meeting to get input from the public as to what to do about the public pool, because it was proving to be a large financial load that had not been generating enough revenue to offset the city's investments in it.  It was very interesting to see how involved the Mayor (Sherry Capello) is with the city's residents, even addressing many of them by name as they walked up to give their opinions. She is very understanding and I learned unconventional leadership knowledge that night from the Mayor. I also met her for the first time at the end of the meeting.

Wednesday, Jan. 17: The snowy roads immobilized my car in Red Lot, so I did not work this day.

Thursday, Jan. 18: I finally finished the revision of the Spanish version for the City Booklet towards the end of my shift. I made hundreds of corrections to the former translation, as well as many structural changes (index, contents, paragraph structure, etc.) that took much meticulous effort.

I worked 5 hours.

Friday, Jan. 19: I proofread my Booklet revision one more time, and good thing I did because I found a piece of information that was not revised because it had not been added to the former translation. So I inserted that information and translated it, resulting in the finished Spanish City Booklet for 2018. I was also assigned a project to consolidate information about Lebanon Valley's societies, organizations, associations, and local government.

I worked 3 hours.