Monday, October 2, 2017

This page is only for Lebanon Valley College Music Business and Audio Music Production intern reports.

The Internship Manual contains most of the information needed about the internship. It is available to both students and sponsors at: AMP/MBS Internship Manual

From the manual:
weekly reports

All interns must submit weekly brief report describing internship activities. Failure to file the reports will affect the final grade.
There are 2 methods of filing reports:

1. A publically viewed blog at
This is the preferred method of weekly reports. Remember that everybody, including your sponsor, clients, potential employers, parents, etc. can read these reports. The reports will remain on the blog after your internship.

2. Reports emailed directly to Professor Snyder. This method is used only if the sponsor prefers to not have the intern post public reports. Professor Snyder will contact the sponsor to determine the preference of weekly reports. 

Interns are instructed to never post confidential information. If you find information that you would like removed, I will do so as soon as you let me know. Email