Thursday, August 17, 2017

WJTL Weeks #14 and #15

Week #14
11 hours worked

This week I celebrated a lot of lasts as it is my last "normal" week at the station. I had my last time on the air on Tuesday morning and had a celebratory lunch on Thursday. In terms of my activities completed, I stuffed envelopes and packages on both days as well as edited and mastered Everence recordings. On Thursday I help set up chairs in Landis Hall for an upcoming concert and made sure they were all straightened and ready to go.

Week #15
21 hours worked (will work)

Next week, I will be going in on 3 days following the completion of band camp at LVC (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday). During that time, I will help setup for the Kids Cookie Break Festival that will be going on Saturday. On Saturday specifically, I will be bouncing from station to station at the festival to assist where they need me.