Saturday, August 12, 2017

WJTL Week #13

Week #13
9.5 hours worked

This week was a lot of the same old types of projects. On Tuesday, I did my on air time and gave the weather as well as read some advertisement spots. I then wrote and recorded my weekly Events Promo for airing the following week. On Thursday, I got to run an errand for them and go to pick up grocery cards to be mailed to contest winners. They continued to be amazed with my speed and productivity, saying when I returned "back already???". After that, they asked me to update and reword my Mobile App promo so that it was something new for the listeners to hear. This made me feel good because it sounded like they would continue to use in the months to come, even after I am gone. I then continued with my regular weekly projects, such as stuffing envelopes and entering names from events into a database.