Monday, August 7, 2017

WJTL Week #12

Week #12
11.5 hours worked

This week was a long one at the station compared to the summer leading up to this point. I did a lot of my normal jobs (writing/recording an Events Promo, stuffing envelopes, being on the air, etc.), but I also did different things to fill out the extra time. On Tuesday, I got tasked with going to different online calendars, housed by different websites, and adding in upcoming fall/winter concerts that WJTL is sponsoring. On Thursday, I got to put my work gloves on and do some good old fashioned hard work. We weeded and mulched a small play area, in preparation for an upcoming kids event, and we weeded and mowed around a culvert, where it was really starting to get overgrown. While landscaping isn't what I came to WJTL to do, this taught me that everyday is a new day with fun and exciting surprises and you have to be a team player and be up to do any type of task that may need to be done for the good of the company.