Friday, August 4, 2017

Week 12 Springwood Productions

Late to the party but,
Week 12 or so?
Hours worked: 12
This week I got the chance to go to Pennsylvania and Wilmington with Springwood to shoot an EPK for Jamal Anthony. We filmed interviews with him and some of his friends, as well as clips from his live performance in Wilmington. I've also been gearing up to go on the Limitless Jeep Tour next week, which should be a good time - 14 states in 7 days. Just got an some more SD cards for the road and an SD to lightning reader so I can edit photos on my iPad on the road which I'll be able to post the next day, so that's really exciting. We also had a video conference call to discuss everything else going on with this trip, so we had everything squared away.
Also, haven't posted here yet because Evan Cowles is a dit and forgets that he's still technically a student. That being said, here's what I've emailed Professor Snyder thus far:

Week 1
-Was assigned various tasks which included a lot of research
-Researched snapchat trends and how businesses market using snapchat and instagram
-Found out how ads worked on instagram and how we are able to advertise using geotags, localized ads, etc.
-Became familiarized with different snapchat users and how they operate their stories - working to take the aspects about those users that I'm fond of and figure out how to begin applying it to springwood stories in the future
-Downloaded and began experimenting with typeorama - an app that ads text to visuals fairly easily.
-Found out how to make a gif
- Began finding different festivals and events to pitch Springwood to, and compiled them into a list - still working on adding to this list
- Began looking into other schools that have media programs that we could get into contact with for Jess to speak at - also still adding to this list
Cumulative hours worked: 9.5
Week 2:
-Continued to research what makes instagram/social media stories posts/stories effective
     -That included watching several YouTube videos and reading various articles and taking notes for future use
     -Did research on how to create an online network, or a "following" - people that are interested without being necessarily being able to be "clients"
-Fleshed out list of festivals to pitch springwood to
-made a list of schools to pitch springwood workshops to
Cumulative Hours Worked: Around 7 (?)

Week 3:
-Continued to brainstorm and come up with a list of themes to make prerecorded stories and videos for Springwood's social media - whether that be used independently (as in YouTube videos) or as shortened/cropped versions for stories.
-Did research on facebook videos as opposed to youtube - there's potential there
-Continued research as mentioned in previous two weeks
-Made a list of questions to ask Jess about for "Our Story" section of the website
-Made a list of questions to ask Jess about for her bio (will also have to get calls from other people in Springwood to create their bios as well)
-On Tuesday met up with Jess in Delaware to go over those story ideas, and to ask questions to build "Our Story" and her bio
-Wrote "our Story" section
Cumulative Hours Worked: Around 12

Week 4-10

Summer has been busy for me, so I'm gonna format it differently and just throw this all at you at one time, but in the time since my last update, here’s what I've done:
  • Went to Philadelphia Pride where I recorded video of pride parade and festival, ano interviewed people on the subject of pride
  • Went to NYC pride to record video in the same manner, with more side footage and interviews. Both of these were to create a video focusing on pride and 
  • Compiled the Philadelphia footage into a video to present to Jess, to be added to later with NYC shots. 
  • Went to Baltimore to get footage for creating more “produced” videos for Springwood’s instagram stories
  • Wrote A biography for Jess, Dan, and Jon for the new springwood website
  • Provided input and suggestions to help restructure the springwood website
  • Edited sections of text on the Springwood website so that it reads well, and also includes more positive marketing terminology
  • Finalized the “Our story” section for Springwood’s new website, which details Springwood’s inception and development.
  • Researched more on instagram tactics and other social media influencers, including the rise of Facebook video
  • Contacted a list of festivals and concerts about having Springwood record video for them, altering the email for each festival making sure it was fully customized. 
  • Made a list of schools to reach out to and drafted an email that I would be able to send to these schools, to send out soon.
  • Wrote an agreement for Jess detailing a project manager and Marketing creative director position.
  • In terms of learning stuff, I've learned more about setting camera levels that I didn't know needed to be set - like video frame speeds and shutter speeds (in regards to video). I've also learned how to use a glidecam after two weeks of fiddling and not doing it right, and did a lot of experimenting in Lightroom, trying different presets that I downloaded and creating my own - looking at other photographers and videographers and YouTube tutorials to apply it to what I do. Got a couple new lenses
  • In three weeks or so I’m going to be going on a 7 day trip through various states with the Limitless Jeep Tour, which we will be filming a series of videos for, so that should be exciting. 
All-in all probably about 70 hours between these weeks?? I really don't know, these hours are hard to track and I don't usually do strictly work for long  periods of time - it's usually multitasking unless I'm on-location. 

Week 11

This past week I took a short trip with Springwood up to Nazareth to record video for Small Town Titans while they were recording new songs in the studio. What was awesome about this experience was that I was able to get experience in filming video, but it was also an opportunity to be in a studio setting with one of the most accommodating men I've ever met - I got to ask him questions about how he was recording them and what sort of specs he was using, and he answered all my questions enthusiastically. He's a private teacher as well, so he had a very understanding and generous approach to how he shared information, and that made me enthusiastic to ask more questions and get to know more things. We were in there all day sunday and monday, and while I didn't want to bug him, I learned a lot from him and got to see a studio setting that wasn't LVC's for the first time, and that was amazing. On the "Work" side of it, we recorded video for about 6 new songs/covers for Small Town Titans, and we got some great footage (in my opinion). For six people all being in one tracking room recording music and video at the same time, it was pretty cluttered, but we made it work. We also recorded interviews with the band a s a whole, with a fan, and with each individual band member as part of Small Town Titan's EPK.
As for development, I learned some new camera gadgets and got a new lens, got a gopro and learned how to use that (though it decided to be problematic during the shoot).
As for overall hours, I mean, we kinda worked all day sunday and monday I personally have almost 100 GB of footage alone - so I'd say the total working hours were probably close to 20 hours.