Friday, August 18, 2017

Megan Ebling, Anderson Audio, Week 14 (Final Week)

Week 14
8/14 - 8/18
Hours: 47
Total Internship Hours: 647

  • Made another NL4 and XLR panel for an amp rack.
  • Pulled for multiple shows that happened this week.
  • Pulled for multiple shows that are occurring next week.
  • Salvaged and re-terminated some control cable to control hoists.
  • Was on the crew for Bucknell University's Matriculation, this was my first experience with laying plywood roads to move equipment out to the middle of a grass field.
  • Terminated some XLR for a church install that will be used in a rack.
  • Was taken to an install at a church one day this week. I was asked to solder panels and various XLR connections into the floor of the sanctuary to be used permanently in the building. Was an interesting experience getting to solder in less than ideal conditions, although I was happy with how I dealt with the situation.
  • Overall this last week was wonderful and I am pleased with that fact that I will be able to come back and freelance with Anderson Audio for upcoming shows throughout the year.