Sunday, August 13, 2017

Megan Ebling, Anderson Audio, Week 13

Week 13
8/7 - 8/11
Total hours week 13: 41

  • Pulled and organized equipment and cable for a Tom Petty show out in Seattle.
    • Made detailed lists of what cable/rigging equipment was put into which trunk for different delay towers.
    • Made a master list of all cable and equipment that was packed and cross-referenced the pull sheet to make sure everything was packed accurately.
  • Went to a basic hoist training at Rock Lititz held by Columbus McKinnon.
    • Took apart a hoist completely to learn about the internal workings and put the hoist completely back together into working condition. 
    • Learned how to assess chain wear and hook wear on hoists.
  • Put away equipment that returned from a Theresa Caputo tour in Canada.
  • Helped to pull and pack cable for Milton Hershey's First Day of School show.
  • Made an XLR and NL4 panel for IPD 2400 amp racks to help minimize on damage and wear occurring through frequent use of the amplifiers.
  • Was part of the load in crew for the MHS show at the Giant Center.