Monday, July 10, 2017

Everything Thus Far... (Total Hours: 256)

Intern report: Week number, hours worked, brief description of work.

Advanced AV LLC.                                             Summer Internship Log
Joseph DeVenuto Jr.

Week 1: (May 22 - 26)
  • Orientation - Tour of the Headquarters and introduction to a majority of the staff. Also took NSCA Assessment to gauge my experience level. This is a new practice they are considering to screen new hires.
  • Tuesday through Friday I sat in with the express sales team, members of the sales team, and the technicians in the fabrication shop; as well as sitting in on a product demo from a potential supplier of room-scheduling panels and going to Shire Pharmaceuticals Exton location with two members of the sales team to shadow a meeting concerning potential AV systems upgrades at the client’s facility.
Week 2: (May 29 - June 2)
  • Installer training started on week two with a large install team at GeoBlue’s Highway to Health facility in King of Prussia where a large scale installation in progress since fall of last year was being finished up.
  • Was trained on how to read and interpret all aspects of a site’s CAD drawings, and applied the knowledge quickly by installing a number of ceiling speaker mounts and speakers. From there I went with a number of the installers throughout the week on site working on and learning about how the AV and teleconferencing systems within a variety of offices, collaboration spaces, and conference rooms work.
Week 3: (June 5 - 9)
  • Accompanied the delivery of job materials to Camp Nockamixon. The Camp was just finishing up construction on their new open air, covered amphitheater, and AAV was contracted to install all AV components.
  • Through the rest of the week worked with the install team, and through first hand experience did a number of tasks with the installers including: Pulling cable from the ceiling of the stage through to the sound-booth in back, preparing and terminating various control, power, audio, and network cables, mounting AV racks, mounting speakers above the stage, mounting network equipment and other AV transmitters and receivers, mounting a 400lb projection screen. These experience’s also trained me in the use of a range of tools and how to effectively use them to create the proper, neat, and professional product that AAV’s standards dictate.
  • Over that week I was able to see a job through from start to finish, and participate in each part of the installation. And I’ve gotta say, it’s a pretty sweet outdoor theatre with a killer sound system.
Week 4: (June 12 - 16)
  • The first two days of the week were in the fabrication shop, practicing cable terminations including: RJ45 connectors, male and female XLR connectors, RCA connectors, and DB9 connectors.
  • Middle of the week went with an install team to begin a project upgrading a simulation lab at Mainline Health’s Bryn Mawr Hospital. This included pulling cable, terminating network cables (RJ45), and mounting ceiling speakers.
  • The last part of the week I was sent back up to Nockamixon with the installers to replace the motor on the projection screen, which had burned out.
Week 5 & 6: (June 19 - 30)
  • Started work with the Techs week 5. Spent Monday with my Supervisor and the VP of technology Travis Lisk going through rooms at GeoBlue’s Exton location teching the smaller rooms. Learned the basics of setting up and testing a complete room. Worked with equipment and software from a variety of manufacturers including Crestron, Extron, and Cisco.
  • Tuesday through Thursday I worked with a tech at Moravian University’s new health and sciences building, learning how to setup and troubleshoot more complex systems including a simulation lab, 3 divisible classrooms, a virtual cadaver lab, and various other labs and smaller classrooms. This also included applying install skills daily, rewiring racks and network switches according to changes in scope, installing newly arrived equipment including numerous apple TV’s and Mac Mini’s and troubleshooting errors or malfunctions by locating the problem in the hardware chain using the sites CAD drawings. There were a lot of unexpected issues at this job so I got to independently diagnose and fix a good number of hardware problems while the techs focused on the network and software side of the problems. I learned the basics of Crestron’s Toolbox program, Q-SYS Designer, and the management and population of the job site’s network sheet.  

*** Note: Every tech I've worked with has Avatar with them somehow. They need some fitting media to test the displays or projectors, and since it is a pretty amazing movie visually, I figured the company just gave everyone a copy but nope, somehow they all just decided on that and were surprised when I told them everyone else uses the same thing. I've heard/seen almost every part of that movie several times over in my time here, and the single best part was walking back from lunch at Moravian to see a group of contractors sitting in a row against the back wall, eating their lunches, watching Avatar movie theater style, I think that made everyone's day.
Week 7: (July 5 - 7)

  • Spent the short week in the staging part of the Tech process, testing and loading code onto a system for Sheraton University City in the fabrication shop. Involved assembling and wiring racks, and learning more about the software used for the different types of hardware we use. This included the two programs mentioned in week’s 5 and 6 as well as Polycom’s Sound Structure and Extron’s Global Configurator. All of the tech experience so far have also given me a lot more knowledge on networks and how they work; LANs and WANs are often in the mix of even the smallest AV installations, and ubiquitous in the larger ones.
  • Starting week 6 I began taking infocomm training courses online through the company in my free time, and am on the road to becoming CTS certified in the coming months.
  • ** Also made a cable delivery to a site in Philly Monday morning, driving the van there by myself was pretty awesome. In this and many other ways I've gotten to apply my skills I've learned and contribute to the company and its projects in real and sometimes significant ways. The fulfillment from that makes the daily 3 hour commute and nightly online training that much more worth it.

**Note: Each week was 40 hours, with the exception of Memorial Day and the July 4th Holiday. Every day worked was 8 hours not including the hour for lunch each day.