Monday, June 26, 2017

Forge Recording week 6

16 Hours

Over the weekend a String quartet had come to record a soundtrack for a new Netflix series. On Monday I observed Ron working with the composer to splice together all the takes. It was interesting to see how that process is done, it was very tedious. I talked with the composer a bit, I don't remember his name but  he used to work for Hans Zimmer as a ghost writer. Later that evening I was asked to stay a little late to help set up a session. Sony called and asked if they could send an artist to record vocals. Forge usually doesn't take clients from labels because it's always really unorganized and the label tries to low-ball them or they take way to long to pay, but they offered to pay up front so Sheldon, the owner, allowed it. It was just me and Sheldon who is the owner of the studio and only has a business background. The artist was a female rapper named Gizzle, who showed up with a full band after Sony had told us she was just doing vocals. Luckily Ron has been teaching me to use the studio because her engineer, L, had never recorded a full band before. I set up the whole session myself and had to show L how to use the board and all of the outboard gear. It was a cool learning experience and a test to see how much I've been learning. Wednesday was a pretty slow day, just the usual cleaning and organizing.