Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Moravian College

Week #9

July 9, 2018
Hours: 4.5

  • Continuation of laying out acoustic treatment
July 10, 2018
Hours: 7.75

  • Began installation of acoustic treatment
Total Hours: 12.25
Moravian College

Week #8

July 3, 2018
Hours: 7.5

  • Proposition of acoustic treatment for ordering
  • Clean-up in preparation for treatment
July 4, 2018
Hours: 0

  • Holiday
July 5, 2018
Hours: 4

  • Ordering of acoustic treatment
  • Final preparations for acoustic treatment
July 6, 2018
Hours: 7.5

  • Began layout of acoustic treatment in control room
Total Hours: 19
Moravian College

Week #7

June 25, 2018
Hours: 4

  • Continued organization and clean-up of studios in preparation of acoustic treatment
June 26, 2018
Hours: 7.5

  • Research on acoustic treatment for control room
June 27, 2018
Hours: 5

  • Continued research on acoustic treatment and drapes for windows
June 28, 2018
Hours: 7.5

  • More research on acoustic treatment and more clean-up
Total Hours: 24
Moravian College

Week #6

June 18, 2018
Hours: 5.5

  • Went to Creative Sounds Studio to retrieve extra patchbays
  • Continuation of patchbays
June 19, 2018
Hours: 5
  • More patchbay work
June 21, 2018
Hours: 7.5
  • Patchbays and went to studios to continue clean-up
Total Hours: 18
Moravian College

Week #5

June 11, 2018
Hours: 5.5

  • Planning out and researching patchbays
June 12, 2018
Hours: 7.5

  • Continued research on patchbays and began layout of patchbays
June 13, 2018
Hours: 5.5

  • Continuation of patchbays
June 14, 2018
Hours: 7.5
  • Began wiring patchbays
June 15, 2018
Hours: 7.5
  • Continued wiring patchbays
Total Hours: 33.5

Monday, July 16, 2018

The Jamwich

Week 5

July 3rd
Hours worked: 1
-Find photos for the Harpers Ferry Outdoor Music Festival review article
-Post the new issue of The Jamwich for sale.

July 4th
Hours worked: 3
-Check the press pass to see what festival/events are coming up
-Send Haley an email to check her progress with the Frendly Gathering review.
-Make a list of festivals that don't have a writer or a photographer.
-Send out emails regarding writers and photographers for Brokedown Floatdown and the Jerry Garcia Birthday Bash.

July 5th
Hours worked: 3
-Drive to Yonderville

July 6th
Hours worked: 14
-From 11am to 1am I stayed at the "Forest Stage" working with Taco Olmstead moving gear on and off the stage for each band that played.
-During this time I walked a dog named Floyd, he was the sound engineers dog and he told me that I will be on "Floyd duty" from time to time.

July 7th
Hours worked: 12
-From 1pm to 1am I helped Taco Olmstead move gear on and off stages again but this time Taco told me I don't need to stay around the stage.
-I was told to adventure around, meet musicians, vendors (food/trinkets), painters, and other staff.

Total hours worked: 33 hours

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Audio Recording Unlimited Week #7

Week #7

Hours Worked: 8.5
-Imported .omf and set up a session
-Sat in on VO recording session for MTI Allied Health
     -two talent and scripts
     -music edit
-Got lunch for two different sessions
-Sat in VO recording session for In Touch Solutions
     -drug side effects read

Hours Worked: 8.5
-Sat in on an ADR session
     -with independent engineer, Mike Mason
-Sat in on promo VO recordings
     -VO Tony Russell
     -three spots recorded
-Sat in on VO recording session for Harbor Solutions

Hours Worked: 9
-Sat in on VO session for Always
-Sat in VO session for Toyota

Saturday, July 14, 2018

New Era Technology Week #8

Install Team

Monday, July 9, 2018
Hours: 10.5
-Worked on the first of 3 classrooms:
-Hung and wired new displays in DIRTT wall
-Installed new AMX touch panels 
-Replaced and rewired rack gear

Tuesday, July 10, 2018
Hours: 10.5
-Worked on the second classroom
-Stayed after install to help field technician test everything

Wednesday, July 11, 2018
Hours: 11
-Worked on the third classroom
-Helped field tech set up projectors for install later in week

Thursday, July 12, 2018
Hours: 8.5
-Submitted field report 
-Spent the day in fabrication 
-Worked on CTS Exam preparation

Friday, July 13, 2018
Hours: 8
-Cleaned up site for weekend
-Helped technicians do final tests and set up projectors
Total Hours: 48.5

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Week #7 Springwood Productions

Hours Worked: 3

This week, I was again contacting potential clients about collaborating on conference/festival videos. In addition, I took a trip to Baltimore in order to pick up the footage that I will be editing to create a video for MMC for next year. I also contacted the director of the East Coast Music Conference in order to obtain drone footage that was captured for their promotional video that I added into my own edit. I also help Springwood's owner, Jess, create a basic timeline of the trip that we will be making to North Carolina to shoot a video for a client that we connected with at ECMC. This includes helping to find the actors, writing up a video description, and figuring out who will be shooting what shots during the video. More to come soon!

Friday, July 6, 2018

Audio Recording Unlimited Week #6

Week #6

Hours Worked: 8.5
-Continue scanning paperwork into the online system
-Sat in on an audiobook session
     -learned how they set up for audiobooks and how they maintain consistency between days/weeks
     -saw how scripts are marked while VO is recorded

No Work Due to 4th of July

Hours Worked: 8.75
-Saw how sessions are run for loading in .omf files
     -sat in on music editing and sync to film
-Sat in on session for Comedy Central
-Recording and edited audition material for in house engineers

New Era Technology Week #7

Service Technician

Monday, July 2, 2018
Hours: 8.5
-Attended 3 service calls with a technician
-Observed color wheel malfunction in a projector and sent back to the manufacturer for repair
-Power cycled transmitter and receiver to fix display issues
-Fixed echo in an audio conferencing system by adjusting a preset in a SoundStructure DSP file

Tuesday, July 3, 2018
Hours: 8.5
-Attended 2 service calls
-Migrated equipment in an existing conference room to new credenza and tested 
-Fixed signal flow in an old system and designed basics of an upgrade 
-Worked on AVIXA training courses

Wednesday, July 4, 2018
Off for Holiday

Thursday, July 5, 2018
Hours: 8
-Went to a service call for malfunctioning video cameras
-Replaced power supplies for cameras and tested functionality of the room
-Worked on AVIXA training courses

Friday, July 6, 2018
Hours: 8
-Worked in TelePresence Management Suite monitoring video conferencing systems and exploring IT and networking settings
-Learned about the back end of other remote monitoring software systems
-Scheduled CTS Exam and worked on CTS Prep course

Total Hours: 33

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

The Jamwich

Week 4

June 26th
Hours worked: 3
-Posted a festival review for Groverfest
-Posted a Whats Up Weekly article for The Jamwich
-Check the press pass to see who is assigned to Yonderville Music and Arts Festival

June 27th
Hours worked: 1
-Posted a photo album for the Mad Tea Party Farewell Jam

June 28
Hours worked: 1
-Fixed the Groverfest article since the photos weren't showing up on the article.

Total hours worked: 5
Springwood Productions Week #6

4 hours worked

Added music to the edit for the East Coast Music Conference. In addition, emailed 5 festivals about participating as a sponsor/video crew for their conference. One of these was a company that specializes in creating festivals across the country like Warped Tour. I will be traveling to Springwood today from Ocean City, New Jersey in order to exchange ECMC footage with raw files from MMC 2018 in order to edit for next years promotional video. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Audio Recording Unlimited Week #5

Hours Worked: 8.75
-Sat in on a VO recording session for USAA
     -set up session
     -session through Source Connect
-Sat in on a Halo audiobook teaser recording session
     -saw how an atypical audiobook is set up and recorded
-Sat in on a VO recording session for Steinhafels
Hours Worked: 8.5
-Sat in on VO recording session for U of Iowa
     -multiple VO talent came in to read different "character" parts
     -quick edit and testing different music tracks against the VO

Hours Worked: 8.75
-Sat in on VO session for Wendy's
     -Producers in house instead of ISDN patch
     -found music and sound effects to use with commercial
-Sorted paperwork of old sessions

Friday, June 29, 2018

New Era Technology Week #6

Service/VNOC Department

Monday, June 25, 2018
Hours: 7
-Introduction to the VNOC section of the service department
-Sat with various support staff and discussed remote monitoring, video conferencing support, and service agreements
-Scheduled digital signage content for Scala players

Tuesday, June 26, 2018
Hours: 7
-Walked through the process of checking on systems for clients with VNOC Service staff member
-Uploaded content for a client’s digital signage onto Scala
-Worked on AVIXA Training courses

Wednesday, June 27, 2018
Hours: 7
-Learned about reporting procedures and what data is gathered bi-weekly 
-Explored videoconferencing systems throughout the building 
-Worked on AVIXA Training courses

Thursday, June 28, 2018
Hours: 7
-Explored Zoom functionality, including licenses for room connections
-Obtained AV Technologist Certificate from AVIXA

Friday, June 29, 2018
Hours: 7
-Worked on Zoom Certification training
-Dealt with the Comcast mass outage
-Figured out schedules with service techs to accompany next week

Total Hours: 35

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

The Jamwich

Week 3

June 18th
Hours worked: 1
-Posted a festival preview based on the new location for Paradise Music and Beer Festival

June 19th
Hours worked: 3
-Posted an album review for Box Era's Xanadu
-Posted a festival preview for the 20th and final Harpers Ferry Outdoor Festival
-Posted a festival review for Disc Jam
-Updated the Press Pass Assignments sheet which is basically a spreadsheet that has festivals along with their dates, the individual covering the writing, and the individual covering photography

June 20th
Hours worked: 2
-Posted a festival preview for Arroyo Seco Weekend
-Signed up to be a volunteer at Yonderville, The Big What, and The Werk Out Fest.

June 21st
Hours worked: 1
-Posted an article about Love Canon releasing their new album 'Cover Story'

June 22nd
Hours worked:1
-Posted a festival preview for Wild Woods.

Total hours worked: 8

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Springwood Production Week 5

Hours: 7.5 hours

Edited the video footage shot at the ECMC conference in Norfolk Virginia. This includes obtaining rights to music and adding the video to the music accurately. Also wrote a summary for the music video that will be shot in late July for the potential actors. I will be working along side Jess Garcia on this shoot and helping with the direction of the video. In addition, I have contacted multiple music conferences and festivals in order to potentially collaborate with the conferences and/or festival organizers.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Audio Recording Unlimited Week #4

Week #4

Hours Worked: 8.5
-Set up a session for child VO recording auditions
     -Recorded three different auditions
     -father coached in booth and child repeated after
     -double checked scripts while listening to edits to make sure all lines were recorded
-Started editing music tracks for my second intern project
-Recorded two in house engineers for VO auditions

Hours Worked: 8.75
-Set up digital patch for Wendy's VO session
     -30 second spot and 15 second spot
-Sat in on an editing session for a VO demo reel
     -recorded a sound effect needed for one of the spots
     -helped choose sound effects and give opinions on editing
-Helped with digital patch for McDonald's
     -ran timer and took notes on different takes

Hours Worked: 8.75
-Set up digital patch for Wendy's VO session
     -I was put in charge of hitting record for the different takes
-Scanned old session notes/receipts into the computer system

Saturday, June 23, 2018

New Era Technology Week #5

Field Technician

Wednesday, June 20, 2018
Hours: 12
-Worked with Field Technicians on a new install involving multiple displays, projectors, and cameras
-Assisted in adjusting and setting up table microphones in DSP file
-Helped edit Extron MLC panels to adapt to last-minute client requests
-Assisted in troubleshooting and solving issues
-Called into AVIXA Webinar to discuss grant and internship 

Thursday, June 21, 2018
Hours: 10
-Finished Extron MLC programming with field technician
-Re-tested everything in the room and prepared for training the client
-Helped a field technician in a different room troubleshoot an IR emitter 

Friday, June 22, 2018
Hours: 8
-Did a final check that everything in room was working well
-Helped Field Tech train client’s AV team on new system
-Returned to office for the end of the summer picnic

Total Hours: 30

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Moravian College

Week #4

Went to Las Vegas, NV and participated in infoComm2018!

Moravian College

Week #3

May 29, 2018
Hours: 5.5

  • More Planning for recording studio
May 30, 2018
Hours: 6.5

  • R&D
May 31, 2018
Hours: 8

  • More meetings about the recording studio
  • Take precise measurements of studio
Total Hours: 20
Moravian College

Week #2

May 21, 2018
Hours: 5

  • Went and looked at designs for new cafe and presidents conference room
  • Researched Reverb Units
May 22, 2018
Hours: 8

  • Helped set up for New Student Advising Day
  • Had a meeting about the recording studio
  • Researched flooring
May 23, 2018
Hours: 5

  • More research and development
May 24, 2018
Hours: 4

  • More research
  • Sent out emails regarding new equipment for studio
Total Hours: 22

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The Jamwich

Week 2

June 12th
Hours worked: 4
- Learning how to use wordpress
-Interviewed Liz Brasher
-Researched about the City Winery in Washington DC
-Find epk photo of Liz Brasher
-Wrote and published an article about Liz Brasher and her performance at the City Winery in Washington DC

June 13th
Hours worked: 4
-Learned how to use mailchimp
-Sent out a huge email to all of "The Jamwich family" to receive news of the newest issue of The Jamwich
-Posted an article for Dark Star orchestras fall tour

June 14th
Hours worked: 4
-Posted a festival review for The Blesstival: Bless the Woods 7
-Posted a festival review for Paradise Music and Beer Festival

Total hours worked: 12
Springwood Productions Week 4

Hours: 3

I have been in the process of editing video footage from East Coast Music Conference in Norfolk, Virginia. In addition, I have emailed the director of the event in order to get in contact with the video team that shot their promotional video in order to receive drone footage for the shoot. I also emailed Hot August Music Festival in Maryland in order to try to book a gig shooting video for their festival in August.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Audio Recording Unlimited Week #3

Week #3

Hours Worked: 8.5
-Started my first intern project
     -Mezzacorona 15 second commercial
     -started adding sound effects and looking for music to use

Hour Worked: 9
-Sat in on a phone patch for a Wendy's commercial
     -VO talent in Chicago, connecting to company in Kansas City
     -many takes with different variations
-Source Connect Now Test
     -Tested Source Connect now with another studio to test trial audio for using Source Connect Now for session the next day
-Worked more on my intern project
     -chose music and edited it to fit the 15 second spot
-Sat in on Enbrel music editing session
     -Wanted to test different music with certain commercials
     -Edit desired music for different video tracks

Hour Worked: 9
-Introduced to webseries template workflow 
     -make audio feel more like TV, less cheap than what you'd expect for web
     -how to pan for 5.1 surround and stereo
-Finished first intern project
     -Recorded VO through mock recording session with a VO talent and producer
     -Edited VO to producer's standards and desires
     -Adjusted levels and sound effects positioning
     -Mixdown to video
-Started second intern project
     -Chose video to work on
     -Started looking for desired music tracks

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

New Era Technology Week #4

Monday, June 11, 2018
Hours: 7
-Spent day in fabrication with a Field Technician 
-Created network sheet for system being staged
-Terminated cable

Tuesday, June 12, 2018
Hours: 8
-Created Network Sheet for project being fabricated and assigned IP addresses to devices
-Worked in FAB shop assembling and labeling racks

Wednesday, June 13, 2018
Hours: 8
-Accompanied tech on a service call and learned process of notifying client, service department, and dealer for repairs
-Assisted techs in office with staging a new system

Total Hours: 23

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Springwood Production Week #3
4 hours
Drove to headquarters yesterday in order to receive video files to edit for East Coast Music Conference that was attended in the beginning of May, along with live studio sessions. I also received a schedule of current video shoots that I will be in attendance for. Jess also gave me a run down as to how Adobe Premiere operates and how Springwood goes about their edits. Finally, we created a list of conferences to contact for client opportunities and strategized the best way to contact them. My assignments for this week include creating a checklist of assignments and dates using Wunderlist and working on becoming familiar with the Adobe packages.

Monday, June 11, 2018

The Jamwich

Week 1

June 5th
Hours worked: 2
-Given access to all social media platforms
-Given a document stating the format I must use when posting something on social media
-Gave my information so Elise can send me this months issue of the Jamwich
-Told to put up a post about the new issue and schedule two posts for the future

June 6th
Hours worked: 4
-Given the task to think of three interview questions for Liz Brasher
-Given the task to write a small article for her show in DC
-Given the task to make a list of all the bands performing at 19 music festivals

June 7th
Hours worked: 4
-Researching about Liz Brasher
-Making that list (stated above)

June 8th
Hours worked: 4
-Still making that List

Total hours worked: 14

Friday, June 8, 2018

Audio Recording Unlimited Week #2

Week 2

Hours Worked: 8.5 hours
-Sat in on a voice over recording for Marriott Hotels
     -Voice over for training video
     -learned how to mark scripts with takes and how to scan paperwork
-Changed air conditioning filters
-Introduced to the internship project
     -can choose from a few different videos; add music and sound effects from their libraries
-Sat in on voice over for Gerber Collision
     -changing words in voice over for 15 second spot and 30 second spot and adjusting sound effects for 15 second spot

Hours Worked: 10.25
-Sat in morning mixing/editing session for music for Blue Cross
     -edit full length song to fit 60 second spot
     -I was asked to be recorded for scratch voice over
-One of the engineers was doing a freelance gig at KJ Audio for a friend that was out of town and I was able to sit in on it
     -editing car commercials for radio
     -Two 60 second spots, three 30 second spots, and an audio for video
     -Spots were written and recorded long so we had to time compress and cut down on some of the script

Hours Worked: 9
-Sat in on Comedy Central voice over recording for commercial spots
     -I was taught how one of the engineers likes to set up his sessions
     -ISDN phone patch
-Editing car commercials from 6/6
     -with the time compression, some of the words could not be understood, so we had to re-record a word and fit it back in the script
-Sat in on Comedy Central voice over recording for show The Detroiters
     -Phone patch
     -there was a slight hiss in recordings and it was due to a loose cable
-Testing Source Connect Now (Beta)
     -Digital audio patch through internet
     -noticed levels in the main recording room are higher than other rooms receiving signal

New Era Technology Week #3

Monday, June 4, 2018
Hours: 7
-Drew out room functionals in AutoCAD for a project
-Updated Bill of Materials with new devices, part numbers, and cable quantities

Tuesday, June 5, 2018
Hours: 7
-Helped a Systems Engineer edit an old CAD design for an updated install
-Worked on editing CAD files and cleaning up small errors and labels
-Designed Extron touch panel according to client’s needs

Wednesday, June 6, 2018
Hours: 7
-Worked on new project process with a Systems Engineer 
-Designed a DSP in Q-SYS Designer

Thursday, June 7, 2018
Hours: 7
-Helped Systems Engineer do a peer review on a completed drawing
-Worked on programming an Extron button panel
-AVIXA training courses 

Friday, June 8, 2018
Hours: 7
-Those who returned from InfoComm yesterday shared experiences and new products they saw there
-Helped Systems Engineers peer review and proof drawings
-Worked on AVIXA training courses

Total Hours: 35

Monday, June 4, 2018

Springwood Productions Week #2

3 Hours

Used email in order to send out an email to 26 organizations including music festivals, conferences, and music bands. This was done by writing a basic template for myself with the information that was necessary and then customizing it based on the place that the email was going to. Hoping for the best in hearing back from them. My boss and I are also scheduled to have a phone conference later this week in order to discuss further internship plans and dates.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

New Era Technology (Advanced AV) Week #2

Tuesday May 29, 2018
Hours: 7.5
-Worked with Engineer in AutoCAD drawing functional diagrams for install teams
-Learned some AutoCAD basics
-Previewed floor plans for site walk-through Wednesday

Wednesday May 30, 2018
Hours: 9.5
-Accompanied Sales Engineer and Account Manager to a site walk through in New Jersey
-Worked in AutoCAD with Systems Engineer and helped proof drawings 
-Worked on AVIXA CTS training courses

Thursday May 31, 2018
Hours: 7
-Learned DSP programming with Head of Engineering
-Assisted Engineer with CAD drawings for updating a current system

Friday June 1, 2018
Hours: 7
-Worked with Engineer/Drafter in AutoCAD 
-Learned DSP programming in Q-SYS Designer

Total Hours: 31

Friday, June 1, 2018

Audio Recording Unlimited Week #1

Week #1

Hours Worked: 5
-Introduction to the company and tour of the studios
-Sat in on a Voice Over commercial recording session for Comedy Central
   -ISDN phone patch
   -new scripts
-Sat in on a Voice Over commercial recording session for McDonald's and Coke
   -ISND phone patch
   -adding a word into a previously recorded session
-Early day due to Memorial Day Weekend

Hours Worked: 8.5
-Sat in on Mixing a commercial for Wendy's
   -adding/replacing sound effects
   -mixing voice over and music for stereo and 5.1

Hours Worked: 9
-Sat in on Voice Over commercial recording session for Comedy Central
   -ISND phone patch
   -new scripts
-Formal introduction to the Pro-Tools template used in the studios
-Learned how to decode an ambisonic recording into stereo and 5.1
-Sat in on a Mix and Layout of a hospital commercial
   -noise reduction
   -add EQ and Compression
   -balance music and voice over
   -attach to video and send back for approval

Total Hours Worked: 22.5

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Moravian College

Week #1

May 14, 2018
Hours: 6

  • Tour of Moravian College and studio
May 15, 2018
Hours: 7

  • Began disassembly and inventory of studio
  • Took pictures of the studio for reference
May 16, 2018
Hours: 6.5

  • Soldered and fixed a microphone along with XLR cables
May 17, 2018
Hours: 7

  • Continued cleaning and inventorying the studio
  • Proposed ideas for studio regarding floor, windows, storage, etc.
Total Hours: 26.5

Monday, May 28, 2018

Springwood Productions

Week #1

4 hours

Worked on a storyboard for a song by a potential client.
Storyboard was pitched to the client and slight adjustments were made.
Video shoot scheduled for July.

Friday, May 25, 2018

New Era Technology (Advanced AV) Week #1

Sales Engineering Department
Monday May 21, 2018
Hours: 7
-Shadowed Director of Design, Sales Engineer, and Drafter
-Sat in on Design Team meeting and Pre-Meetings for new projects
-Sales Engineers took me out to lunch for first day!

Tuesday May 22, 2018
Hours: 7.5
-Worked with Sales Engineer in Visio on updating drawings for a potential project
-Researched projects in CRM (database) and then attended pre-meetings and a weekly queue meeting about them
-Spent rest of day drawing signal flow diagrams for new projects

Wednesday May 23, 2018
Hours: 7
-Spent the day with Account Manager in charge of largest client
-Walked through project process from start to finish through the office
-Worked on creating scope of work and bill of materials for new project for meeting tomorrow

Thursday May 24, 2018
Hours: 7
-Attended sales meeting with all account managers and sales engineers
-Accompanied Account Manager to meeting with client and representative from Condeco to discuss continued partnerships
-Worked on signal flow diagrams for new AV/VC systems

Friday May 25, 2018
Hours: 6
-Spent morning in meetings with sales engineers discussing project processes and procedures

-Adjusted a client’s quote to GSC standards 

Total Hours: 34.5

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Seventh Wave Studio Week 17

Week 17. 05/07-05/13

  • 05/07. Mixing & Editing. 1st revisions cont.
  • 05/08. Mixing & Editing. 1st revisions cont.
  • Total Hours 5

Monday, May 7, 2018

Seventh Wave Studio Week 16

Week 16. 04/30-05/06.

  • 04/30. Editing & Mixing Session. 1st Revisions.
  • 05/01 Editing & mixing session continued. Studio maintenance.
  • Total hours 13.

Seventh Wave Studio Week 15

Week 15. 04/23-04/29.

  • 04/23. Mixing session. Continuation of week 14. 1st mix finished.
  • 04/24. Tracking session. Guitar and Bass.
  • Total Hours Worked 12.

Seventh Wave Studio Week 14

Week 13. 04/16-04/22

  • 04/16. Mixing session. Prepared files for band playback. Ran many files through outboard gear. Bounced file to be shared with band. 
  • 04/17 Mixing session cont. 
  • Hours 12

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Lebanon Mayor's Office Week 14

Week 14, 4/23/18 - 4/27/18:  14 hours Worked


Translated the North Side Neighborhood Committee Sign-Up Flyer

Worked 3 hours


Finished final translation touches on the Community Garden Party flyer

Worked 2 hours


Finished Word doc with fully translated Doing Business in Lebanon flowchart and info page

Worked 2 hours


Created small flyer cut outs for the Community Garden Party and strolled the North Side Neighborhood to talk to businesses about contributing to finance the new NSN banner.

Worked 4 hours


Continued to stroll the North Side Neighborhood and spoke to 10 businesses.

Worked 3 hours

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Hershey Theatre Week 14

Tuesday April 24, 2018

I came in today at 11:30pm and officially finalized Apollo nominees to be released to the public on Thursday. I filed release forms for students from the Apollo nominated schools and created paperwork for the individual nominees to fill out for the HIAA international theater competition. I also officially finalized the power point of Apollo winners. I left at 4:30pm

Total hours worked this week: 5 hours

Hershey Theatre Week 13

Tuesday April 17, 2018

Today I arrived at 11:30am and began finalizing musical scores. Tony and I went to drop off some paperwork at the offices at the Hershey Story for the music director for the Apollo awards. I nearly finished my power point of winners and left at 4:30pm

Total hours worked this week: 5 hours

Hershey Theatre Week 12

Monday, April 9, 2018

There was a meeting for the Apollo awards opening number that I came to at 5:30pm. We nailed down some ideas for the show and scheduled meetings for the rest of the month. We stayed for a little bit longer to work on scores and a power point of all of the past Apollo award winners from 2009-2017. We left at 7:30pm

Tuesday April 10, 2018

I arrived at 11:30am and continued working on Apollo award winner power point. We also tallied some more musical scores. I left at 4:30pm

Total hours worked this week: 7 hours

Hershey Theater Week 11

Tuesday April 3, 2018

I arrived at 11:30am. We got final scores for almost all of the Apollo shows and got everything finished for Kids Night on Broadway for Wednesday. We then chocolate world to get thank you gifts and prizes for KNOB. I left at 4pm

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

I arrived at 4pm today to help set up for KNOB. We set up tables with all of the activities and the kids loved them all.  I then sat and watched the show "The King and I" and it was fantastic. I left at 11pm

Side note: Anna Leonowens is now my new dream role.

Hours worked this week: 11.5 hours

Hershey Theatre Week 10

Tuesday March 22, 2018

I came in today at 8:30am and we started adding more scores for Apollo shows. After lunch I then worked on finding colors for all of the schools involved in the Apollo awards, then I continued my work for the Kids Night on Broadway activities. I left at 4:30pm

Hours worked this week: 8 hours

Seventh Wave Studio Week 13

Week 13. 04/09-04/015
  • 04/9  Editing & Mixing Session continued for upcoming rehearsal band session. 
  • 04/10 Editing session. Guitar edits and mix preparation for upcoming over-dub session
  • Total Hours Worked 11.5.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Lebanon Mayor's Office Week 13

Week 14, 4/16/18 - 4/20/18: 12 hours Worked

Monday: I worked on eligibility and guideline research for the city's facade improvement program

Worked 2 hours

Tuesday: Conducted research on the facade improvement programs of various city business improvement districts

Worked 2 hours

Wednesday: conducted more research regarding municipalities that have received the multi-modal grant from the DCED

Worked 2 hours

Thursday: Continued working on multi-modal research and created a descriptive paragraph for the city's geographic info

Worked 4 hours

Friday: conducted research on volunteer ambassador programs for business improvement districts

Worked 2 hours

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Seventh Wave Studios Weeks 11 & 12

Week 11 03/26-04/01.
  • No studio time this week supervisor on tour
  • Total Hours Worked N/A
Week 12 04/02-04/08.
  • 04/03 Editing & Mixing Session: Cello
  • Total Hours Worked 5.5

Monday, April 16, 2018

Lebanon Mayor's Office Week 12

Week 12, 4/9/18 - 4/13/18: 13.5 hours Worked

Monday: I worked on the document with vacant commercial properties

Worked 3 hours

Tuesday: I handled the updating on dates in insurance documents

Worked 30 minutes

Wednesday: took minutes/notes on the monthly Chamber of Commerce meeting

Worked 2.5 hours

Thursday: I finished the vacant properties list and added pictures to it

Worked 5 hours

Friday: I translated the Northside Neighborhood Banner letter, as well as the city's Public Notice of property condemnation. 

Worked 2.5 hours.