Friday, March 16, 2018

Lebanon Mayor's Office, Week 8

Week 8, 3/12/18 - 3/16/18:  13.5 hours Worked

Monday: Worked on collecting geographic information for the city, county, and state. Also called the city's Showcase Video sponsors to invite them to the city's exclusive viewing event for the video before it's uploaded on the city's website.

Worked 3 hours

Tuesday: Did not work due to emergency circumstance.

Wednesday: Took minutes for the monthly members meeting at the Lebanon Valley Chamber of Commerce. Also did revisions on the geographic information I collected on Monday and I also followed up with a Showcase Video Sponsor.

Worked 2.5 hours

Thursday: I folded up the letters designated to businesses in the BID and put them in envelopes.

Worked 5 hours.

Friday: Walked around the city to some of the BID's businesses to personally give them the letters from Thursday.

Worked 3 hours.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Hershey Theatre Week 8

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Today I arrived at 11am and we hit the ground running by sorting out some confusion about nominations. We then drove to Chocolate World to get gifts for the actors who were invited to read plays tonight. We then worked on creating the Kids Night On Broadway activities we had discussed the week before. I typed up the directions and the worksheet for most of the activities for KNOB.

At around 5pm, we turned over to preparing for the reading of the nominated plays for Best Student Playwrite for the Apollo awards. We had catered Panera, and we had to set up the food for the evaluators and the actors for the student plays. After dinner, we went upstairs and listened to the 6 nominated plays, and that night we had to stay and tally the scores for the plays. We left at about 10pm.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Today I started my internship in Elizabethtown at about 12:30pm. I met Tony there to see 2 of the musicals to be evaluated for the awards. We began by going to Donegal's Beauty and the Beast. We then went to see Elizabethtown's Curtains. Both shows were a treat to watch. We were finished around 10:30pm.

Total hours worked this week: 21 hours

Hershey Theatre Week 7

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Today I arrived at 11:30am and we printed more evaluator letters for this weekend's musicals. We also started brainstorming ideas for Kids Night On Broadway for when The King and I is at the Hershey Theatre. We created activities based on songs from the musical for kids to do before the Wednesday show on April 4th, like a maze with items from the show, and a scavenger hunt and many others. I left at 4pm

Friday, March 2, 2018

Today I arrived at 4:30pm for  meeting about putting together the opening number for the Apollo Awards in May. The song "Come Alive" has been announced as the opening number, and at the meeting, many big and exciting plans were discussed to make this year's awards very special. The meeting was finished by 7pm

Total hours this week: 7 hours

Hershey Theatre Week 6

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

This week I arrived at the Hershey Theatre at 11am. I began by doing research on tours and activities for the Apollo Award winners to do in New York City. We then printed score sheets and stuffed envelopes to send to evaluators. I also started making note of the release forms we have from students who were in the Apollo awards in the past. I left at 4pm.

Hours worked this week: 5 hours

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Lebanon Mayor's Office, Week 7

Week 7, 2/26/18 - 3/2/18:  12 hours Worked

Monday: Finished the new assignment from Friday (2/23) which was to make sure BID business address information is included in certain documents.

3 hours worked

Tuesday: Worked on getting information on upcoming community events in Lebanon.

2 hours worked

Wednesday: Continued working on getting information on upcoming community events in Lebanon.

2 hours worked

Thursday: Finished working on assignment for the week from Tuesday and Wednesday.

5 hours worked

Friday: Left for Spring break.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Seventh Wave Studio Weeks 5-8

Week 5. 02/12-02/18.

  • 02/12 Editing Session. Bass and Drum edits.
  • 02/13 Tracking Session. Tracked Guitar.
  • Hours Worked 10
Week 6. 02/19-02/25
  • 02/19 Tracking Session. Tracked Guitar and Vocals.
  • Attending Millennium Music Conference. 
  • Hours Worked 14.5
Week 7. 02/26-03/04.
  • 02/27 Tracking Session. Tracked Guitar and Drums.
  • Hours Worked 6.5
Week 8. 03/5-03/11.
  • Studio Manager out of town. No studio time this week.
  • Hours Worked N/A

Monday, February 26, 2018

Lebanon Mayor's Office, Week 6

Week 6, 2/19/18 - 2/23/18: 15 Hours Worked

Monday: Worked on the invitation design for the red carpet event the city wants to put on for the businesses that sponsored the City's new showcase video.

Worked 3 hours.

Tuesday: Continued working on the invitation design for the red carpet event for the video's sponsors. And I also started an assignment on collecting information for events that are happening in the future in the BID area of Lebanon Downtown.

Worked 2 hours.

Wednesday: Worked solely on collecting information for BID events.

Worked 2 hours.

Thursday: Worked on and finished a new assigned to sort newsletter and survey emails from one spreadsheet to another.

Worked 5 hours.

Friday: Started work on a new assignment which was to make sure address information is included in a certain document.

Worked 3 hours.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Lebanon Mayor's Office, Week 5

Week 5, 2/12/18 - 2/16/18: 10.5 Hours Worked

Monday: Worked on a spreadsheet and research assignment.

3 hours worked

Tuesday: Visited local businesses in the BID area to advertise the city's new public parking system with the Parkmobile App.

2 hours worked

Wednesday: Took minutes for the Lebanon Valley Chamber of Commerce monthly meeting which was led by the mayor. Chamber members discussed different topics regarding strategies for economically growing the city of Lebanon.

2.5 hours worked

Thursday: Had a car accident, could not make shift.

Friday: Finished editing the minutes for the Chamber meeting.

Worked 3 hours.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Mohegan Sun Arena Week 3

Mohegan Sun Arena Week 3, 2/9/2018.  Hours worked: 8


Because of snow the office was closed on Wednesday and the Globetrotter media day was canceled. Today I began creating program ads for the upcoming PIAA (high school basketball) Tournament. I did this for a few hours and then escorted the Marines who were doing a salute for the national anthem tonight at Monster Jam. I helped escort media around and did last checks on the concourse before the show opened. Sidenote: Monster Jam is loud.

I worked 8 hours.

Hershey Theatre - Week 5

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

This week was a little more exciting than last week. I arrived at 11:30am. We made some more letters to send to Apollo musical evaluators and organized the mailing labels. I printed the score sheets and the tally sheets for the shows for upcoming weekends to be sent in those letters. I also was working on organizing the release forms submitted by high schoolers for the Apollo awards. We also listened to some songs being considered for the opening number of the Apollo awards and I offered some of my input on that as well.

After all of that, Tony invited me to come along to a focus group about plans to build a new community center in Hershey. It was pretty neat to hear about some of their plans first hand and hear about how the community felt about these plans. It was also a great opportunity to see how companies take into consideration the needs and the concerns of a community and go to great lengths to hear the input that people have. It was a very eye-opening experience. I left the meeting at 5pm.

Total hours worked - 5.5 hours

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Lebanon Mayor's Office, Week 4

Week 4, 2/5/18 - 2/9/18: 10 Hours Worked

Monday: Did not work, icy roads

Tuesday: Did not work, icy roads

Wednesday: Started working on a Notice of Violation spreadsheet assignment.

I worked 2 hours.

Thursday: Finished the NOV spreadsheet assignment.

I worked 5 hours.

Friday: Started and finished inputting new contact information for the city's newsletter as well as other work related to the newsletter and website technicalities.

I worked 3 hours.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Seventh Wave Studio Weeks 1-4

Week 1. 01/15-01/21

  • 01/16 Studio Introduction. No sessions.
  • Hours Worked 2.

Week 2. 01/22-01/28

  • Studio down due to renovations. 
  • Hours Worked 0.

Week 3. 01/29-02/04
  • 01/29 Tracking Session. Shadowed cello tracking session followed by discussion of concepts applied in session.
  • 01/30 Editing Session. Tested potential software for bouncing files for DVD format. Drum edits. 
  • Hours Worked 13.

Week 4. 02/05-02/11
  • 02/05 Tracking Session. Drum tuning 101.
  • 02/06 Editing Session. Cello and Drum edits.
  • Hours Worked 13.

Hershey Theatre Week 4

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

This week was pretty light. I only worked on Tuesday from 11:30am to 4:30pm. We worked on printing mailing labels for musical evaluators and student play writes to send them score sheets and other related Apollo information. This took up most of that time since we had to organize the letters, make sure all of the right information went in the right letters, that everything was spelled correctly and put together properly. I also got to work a little more on my long term project of consolidating all of the musical characters for Apollo consideration.

Total hours worked - 5 hours

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Mohegan Sun Arena Week 2

Week 2 1/29/18 - 2/2/18: 12 Hours worked

Wednesday: Today I began by compiling data and writing a report on how founder's suites are using their tickets to events. At the end of the hockey season these suites will be open to re-renting and the arena needs to know who will likely buy back in and who won't. The data and report I wrote will be used in upcoming meetings on which suite owners to target.

After that I researched began to contact local churches that might be interested in buying group sales tickets to the upcoming MercyMe concert. The only seats left for the concert are in the upper levels but the seats would be heavily discounted and any person in the arena is a chance to make money.

After lunch I learned how to create a newsletter and to perform an "email blast" to all email addresses the arena has. Then I learned about Ticketmaster One and how to gather data using the resources it gives.

To end the day I listened in on a call between my supervisor and the Harlem Globetrotters promoter Amanda Diamond. They ran over the media day schedule and how to sell more tickets. Sales aren't looking good but they are hopeful good advertising can change that.

 I worked 6 hours

Friday: Today I worked on a campaign focused around Canadian Olympian, Christian Thomas. I looked through the Penguins archives to find good photos of him to use on social media to promote "Gold Medal Savings".

Then I attended a meeting with Bold Gold Media, a media group who represents various TV and radio stations in NE PA. They are smaller and pricier than the media outlets the arena already uses, but they pushed that their dedicated listener base makes up for their small numbers. All in all, there was a lot of dancing around the bush in naming prices and the meeting took a long time.

Next I sat in a brainstorming session on how to sell club seats. This also took a long time and constantly got off track. I blame the super bowl and the rowdiness of a Friday.

At the end of the day I created ads for the video board using Adobe Aftereffects.

I worked 6 hours.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Lebanon Mayor's Office, Week 3

Week 3, 1/29/18 - 2/2/18: 15 Hours Worked

Monday: I was assigned a new project to research ways that other cities market their BID, such as vacant commercial properties and business incentives. I was also informed to continue researching Valentine's Day deals. Additionally, I was assigned to sort out the welcome letters the mayor wrote for displaced Puerto Ricans into the Spanish version of the City Resident Booklet.

I worked 3 hours.

Tuesday: I finished sorting out the welcome letters from Monday. I made additional progress with my assigned research for BID marketing and Valentine's Day promotions. I was also assigned a new project which was to summarize the Business Facts Summary of the Lebanon City BID area.

I worked 2 hours.

Wednesday: I finished putting together most of the information for the BID marketing assignment and for the Business Facts summary.

I worked 2 hours.

Thursday: I turned in the Business Facts summary as well as the BID marketing assignment. I also spent the bulk of the shift finishing the Valentine's Day promotions sheet. I turned that in at the end of the shift.

I worked 5 hours.

Friday: I spent the shift researching strategies that other surrounding cities implement for publishing their newsletters. For example, many city newsletters begin with a message from the mayor, and follow a consistent structure of stories and community events.

I worked 3 hours

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Mohegan Sun Arena Week 1

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Today I was introduced to the office and was shown around the arena. I was given different maps and emergency protocols depending on where and what I would be doing. This was an introduction day as I got to learn about my roles and responsibilities. I worked for 2 hours today.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Today I came in at noon to help set up for the event that night which was WWE Live. WWE Live's crew was late so my supervisor had me listen in on a phone call between him and Dustin Turner, a promoter from AEG Live in Nashville. Dustin represented Little Big Town, who is performing at the arena in about a month.

After the phone call my supervisor and I looked at the marketing campaign for Little Big Town and had me record and scan invoices from different media outlets we advertised at. Since Little Big Town's audience is aged 35-55, likes country music, and an income of less than $50k a year most of the advertising went into print and radio. During this process I learned a lot about how the arena promotes and how promoters and the arena make their money.

Next I shadowed the Head of Operations, Brandon, around as they set up for WWE. I set up chair around the wrestling ring.

Then I went back to my supervisor and he taught me how to change the video board marquee outside the arena. After we changed the marquee for the upcoming week we went to the video room to create advertisements for the inside of the arena.

After that we went to the basement of the arena and helped with the VIP meet-and-greet that was about to happen. It wasn't that difficult because there were only about 10 VIPs. I learned meet-and-greet VIP tickets are a great way to make money.

Finally my last job was to escort media around the arena to designated places. This wasn't hard because it was a non-televised WWE event and there was only one journalist there. After that I was allowed to stay and watch the show, but I left quickly after it started. I worked 8 hours.

This week I worked 10 hours.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Lebanon Mayor's Office, Week 2

Week 2, 1/15/18 - 1/19/18:  15 hours worked

Monday: Finished the main bulk of the informational project for consolidating information on Lebanon Regional Context, Local Government, and Lebanon Valley area associations and organizations.

Worked 3 hours.

Tuesday: Was assigned to translate the Mayor's welcome letter to displaced Puerto Ricans in Lebanon in the face of hurricane Maria. Completed informational project.

Worked 2 hours.

Wednesday: I was assigned to help the office with catching up with its filing by sorting the files in alphabetical and numerical order.

Worked 2 hours.

Thursday: I spent most of the shift adding information to the five-year strategy the city wants to implement to advance in its environmental, economic, and promotional endeavors.

Worked 5 hours

Friday:  I spent a bit of time in the beginning of my shift to help out with sorting files. Then I spent the rest of the shift collecting information on local businesses' Valentine's Day deals for the City's marketing campaign for Valentine's Day.

Worked 3 hours.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Hershey Theatre Week 2

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Today I came in and helped put away the last of the materials from Beyond the Footlights. I then compiled some more play write scores for the Apollos. I have been given the long-term project of compiling a series of lists of musicals and the characters that the Apollo awards will accept as lead, supporting, or featured roles. Currently this list is in pieces with many discrepancies, so my job is to put everything in one location that can be used in future years and added to easily. I worked on that until I left. I worked a total of four and a half hours

Friday, January 26, 2018

Today I came in and added some more play write scores to the score sheet. Tony and I then drove to a woman's house who helps schedule Apollo musical evaluaters. We created a master schedule of which evaluaters were to go to which shows. I worked a total of three hours today.

Total hours for the week: 7.5

Hershey Theatre Week 1

Thursday, January 18 2018

I helped lead a large tour group through the theatre. I also helped put together materials for Beyond the Footlights for Saturday. I helped Tony organize score sheets for the student play writes for the Apollo Awards and put together a finalized list of schools involved in the Apollo awards and the musicals they are doing in the spring. I worked a total of four hours today

Friday, January 19 2018

I came in to help set up for Beyond the Footlights today. That mostly entailed putting together the silent auction tables in the main lobby and making gift bags for performers. I worked a total of two hours today

Saturday, January 20 2018

I came in to set up some final pieces for Beyond the Footlights. I also helped direct traffic for performers for the event. When the doors opened for the show, I sold tickets for the general public. I also helped tally up the silent auction totals and gave out people's auction items as well. I also made dinner menus for the event. I worked a total of seven hours today.

Total hours for the week: 13

Monday, January 22, 2018

Community and Economic Development Internship, Lebanon Mayor's Office, Week 1

Week 1, 1/15/18 - 1/19/18: 13 hours worked

Monday, Jan. 15: After introducing me to the rest of the faculty in the office, Ms. Mendoff (my supervisor, who is Lebanon's Community and Economic Development Administrator) candidly assigned me the two main projects for the week: Revising the Spanish version of the Lebanon Resident's City Booklet, and revising the translation for their Start-Your-Own-Business flow chart.

Revising the Spanish version of the Booklet proved to be the most painstaking (though enjoyable) task, not because of difficulty, but because of the amount of mistakes that I found. It took me until Thursday to finish it. I finished the day having worked on 3 pages.

I worked 3 hours.

Tuesday, Jan. 16: I finished revising the translation for the Start-Your-Own-Business flow chart early in my shift. I then shifted my attention to the Booklet, and I finished revising about 4 more pages.

I worked 2 hours.

I was invited on Monday to attend a meeting Tuesday night regarding the Lebanon Public Pool next to Coleman Park. The members of the city council held this meeting to get input from the public as to what to do about the public pool, because it was proving to be a large financial load that had not been generating enough revenue to offset the city's investments in it.  It was very interesting to see how involved the Mayor (Sherry Capello) is with the city's residents, even addressing many of them by name as they walked up to give their opinions. She is very understanding and I learned unconventional leadership knowledge that night from the Mayor. I also met her for the first time at the end of the meeting.

Wednesday, Jan. 17: The snowy roads immobilized my car in Red Lot, so I did not work this day.

Thursday, Jan. 18: I finally finished the revision of the Spanish version for the City Booklet towards the end of my shift. I made hundreds of corrections to the former translation, as well as many structural changes (index, contents, paragraph structure, etc.) that took much meticulous effort.

I worked 5 hours.

Friday, Jan. 19: I proofread my Booklet revision one more time, and good thing I did because I found a piece of information that was not revised because it had not been added to the former translation. So I inserted that information and translated it, resulting in the finished Spanish City Booklet for 2018. I was also assigned a project to consolidate information about Lebanon Valley's societies, organizations, associations, and local government.

I worked 3 hours.

Monday, October 2, 2017

This page is only for Lebanon Valley College Music Business and Audio Music Production intern reports.

The Internship Manual contains most of the information needed about the internship. It is available to both students and sponsors at: AMP/MBS Internship Manual

From the manual:
weekly reports

All interns must submit weekly brief report describing internship activities. Failure to file the reports will affect the final grade.
There are 2 methods of filing reports:

1. A publically viewed blog at
This is the preferred method of weekly reports. Remember that everybody, including your sponsor, clients, potential employers, parents, etc. can read these reports. The reports will remain on the blog after your internship.

2. Reports emailed directly to Professor Snyder. This method is used only if the sponsor prefers to not have the intern post public reports. Professor Snyder will contact the sponsor to determine the preference of weekly reports. 

Interns are instructed to never post confidential information. If you find information that you would like removed, I will do so as soon as you let me know. Email

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Cody Esposito, Architekt Music, Week 13


Hours: 0 hours

- Head engineer was sick so I was told not to come in.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Megan Ebling, Anderson Audio, Week 14 (Final Week)

Week 14
8/14 - 8/18
Hours: 47
Total Internship Hours: 647

  • Made another NL4 and XLR panel for an amp rack.
  • Pulled for multiple shows that happened this week.
  • Pulled for multiple shows that are occurring next week.
  • Salvaged and re-terminated some control cable to control hoists.
  • Was on the crew for Bucknell University's Matriculation, this was my first experience with laying plywood roads to move equipment out to the middle of a grass field.
  • Terminated some XLR for a church install that will be used in a rack.
  • Was taken to an install at a church one day this week. I was asked to solder panels and various XLR connections into the floor of the sanctuary to be used permanently in the building. Was an interesting experience getting to solder in less than ideal conditions, although I was happy with how I dealt with the situation.
  • Overall this last week was wonderful and I am pleased with that fact that I will be able to come back and freelance with Anderson Audio for upcoming shows throughout the year.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Forge Recording week 14 (LAST WEEK)

16 Hours
Monday I spent cleaning and working on archiving backup drives. Wednesday, more cleaning and organizing. Moved everything from the rehearsal room to storage, once of the engineers was having some event in it later and needed it cleared out. framed some albums for Sheldon. Reorganized all of the mic stands and cables in Studio A. 

WJTL Weeks #14 and #15

Week #14
11 hours worked

This week I celebrated a lot of lasts as it is my last "normal" week at the station. I had my last time on the air on Tuesday morning and had a celebratory lunch on Thursday. In terms of my activities completed, I stuffed envelopes and packages on both days as well as edited and mastered Everence recordings. On Thursday I help set up chairs in Landis Hall for an upcoming concert and made sure they were all straightened and ready to go.

Week #15
21 hours worked (will work)

Next week, I will be going in on 3 days following the completion of band camp at LVC (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday). During that time, I will help setup for the Kids Cookie Break Festival that will be going on Saturday. On Saturday specifically, I will be bouncing from station to station at the festival to assist where they need me.

AAV Internship Log Week 12 (Hours: 42)

Week 12: (August 7 - August 11)

  • Spent the week with techs from the service department. Monday was in office shadowing service team members, Tuesday through Friday was spent in the field with two techs in a variety of locations. At Franklin Marshall college we went through 4 different rooms troubleshooting various system malfunctions that had been coming up. The latter half of the week was at Mainline health, Citadel bank, and four separate UPenn locations for digital signage issues.
  • Signed an offer letter for a position as a full time field-tech for AAV as well, so overall a fantastic internship well spent!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Intern report:
Week number 13
 hours worked 15.5

Worked as engineer/producer to help record Joe's book, Focus on Your Light. Helped record the audio for the first ever music video shot at Progressive Enterprises. 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Funhaus Intern Report #11

Hours: 15

Last Week!

-Got to do a recap cut for one of their more popular video series. The hardest part of this is cutting down a 15 minute video to 20 seconds  while still maintaining a narrative

-So many photoshops, they loaded us up because they won't have interns for a while after this week

-The editors took the interns out to lunch!

Week 13-14 Springwood Productions

Week 13-14, 120 hours worked
This week Springwood Productions went on the Limitless Jeep Tour, where a group of Jeep Drivers and the film crew went off-roading at 5 parks over 7 days and around 4,000 miles. These days were long, and we filmed everything that we could from waking up to going to sleep, including the travel, rest stops, in-house footage, meal times, and of course, the off-roading. We're making a multi-episode docu-series for the Limitless Jeep Tour, so we needed all the footage we could get from three different videographers. I also served to take photos for the trip when I wasn't filming.  The trip involved me having to go to the hospital, but luckily it was only a coccyx contusion, so nothing was broken. We didn't sleep much, but we were afforded some extra time to sleep on the car ride. Overall, it was a great experience. Whether I was in the Jeeps while they were on the trails or outside filming them flooring it up a rocky mountainside, I kept it rolling and captured some cool footage on my camera and GoPro. I'm exhausted, but it was a great experience and I can't wait to see the final product this fall.

Boys and Girls Club, Week 10

Hours Worked: 48 hours

  • Be Great Conference week
  • Acted as logistical support for the entire week
  • Worked front desk and check in station
  • Put out fires when needed

Monday, August 14, 2017

Forge Recording week 13

16 hours
Monday was a slow day, just a lot of cleaning and organizing things to keep busy. Wednesday I helped move a fallen tree with Robbie and the other intern. Did more cleaning and organizing. Fixed a microphone. The XLR jack on it had gotten pulled out of the mic and was missing the screw that holds it in. Through trial and error I found a good fix for that issue. If this ever happens to you, get some medical gloves, like the blue kind. I cut a ring off from one of the fingers and put it around the XLR connector for the microphone. That gives it enough friction so when you put the XLR connector back in the microphone it will stay there.

Cody Esposito, Architekt Music, Week 12

Hours: 1:00PM - 10:30PM (9.5 hours)

- Ran errands/basic housekeeping
- Sat in on mixing session
- Printed and edited drum samples
Intern report: Week 12

hours: 24

More employees got to hear the little "jingles" I made and we talked more about them and future opportunities for the company (freelance and full time). Spent my last days hanging with the producers and seeing them and the projects and how they personally got their jobs there. Mailed some things in fedex and had a hot wings party.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Megan Ebling, Anderson Audio, Week 13

Week 13
8/7 - 8/11
Total hours week 13: 41

  • Pulled and organized equipment and cable for a Tom Petty show out in Seattle.
    • Made detailed lists of what cable/rigging equipment was put into which trunk for different delay towers.
    • Made a master list of all cable and equipment that was packed and cross-referenced the pull sheet to make sure everything was packed accurately.
  • Went to a basic hoist training at Rock Lititz held by Columbus McKinnon.
    • Took apart a hoist completely to learn about the internal workings and put the hoist completely back together into working condition. 
    • Learned how to assess chain wear and hook wear on hoists.
  • Put away equipment that returned from a Theresa Caputo tour in Canada.
  • Helped to pull and pack cable for Milton Hershey's First Day of School show.
  • Made an XLR and NL4 panel for IPD 2400 amp racks to help minimize on damage and wear occurring through frequent use of the amplifiers.
  • Was part of the load in crew for the MHS show at the Giant Center.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

WJTL Week #13

Week #13
9.5 hours worked

This week was a lot of the same old types of projects. On Tuesday, I did my on air time and gave the weather as well as read some advertisement spots. I then wrote and recorded my weekly Events Promo for airing the following week. On Thursday, I got to run an errand for them and go to pick up grocery cards to be mailed to contest winners. They continued to be amazed with my speed and productivity, saying when I returned "back already???". After that, they asked me to update and reword my Mobile App promo so that it was something new for the listeners to hear. This made me feel good because it sounded like they would continue to use in the months to come, even after I am gone. I then continued with my regular weekly projects, such as stuffing envelopes and entering names from events into a database.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Funhaus Intern Report #10

Hours Worked: 24

This week at Funhaus:

-Flipped the set back to Dude Soup, Twitz and Critz won't be filming again for another two weeks and Full Screen was sick of us taking up so much space.

-Lots of Photoshops for multiple shows.

-Found and cut some different video clips for different things.

-Quality checks

-Did a group almighty cleaning of the fridge, it hadn't been cleaned since before summer.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Intern report:
Week number 12
hours worked 9

Finished up recording voice over lessons with Dean Vaughn for his constitution program, found that the majority liked the AT 414 for the audio book
Intern report:
 Week number 11
hours worked 6.5

More Voice over work with Dean Vaughn, recording on an AT 414 in a very dead iso booth, continued conducting experiment for finding the best Mic for Joe.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Week 9, Boys and Girls Club

Hours Worked: 29

  • Finished designing room setups for site management
  • Finalized AV/IT for the week and sent to IT department head
  • Cross referenced separate training schedules in order to consolidate them
  • Reviewed schedule to catch mistakes and make sure rooms weren't double booked
  • Finished making room signs/printed maps, room signs, and parking reservations signs
  • Set up site
  • Assisted with last minute prep

Cody Esposito, Architekt Music, Week 11

Hours: 1:00PM - 10:30PM (9.5 hours)

- Edited large session for mixing
- Used Vocalign to align vocal tracks
- Sat in on rough mix and guitar tone design
Anderson Audio Week 12
Hours Worked: 61
- We had some shows to unpack from the weekend
- Sent out the Theresa Kaputo tour
- Washed tarps from Pat Benatar
- Washed cable ramps
- Shop cleaning and chores
- Fixed motor cable
- Reloomed ANNA network B/o's and Motor Cables
- Made Powercon Tru extrensions
- Pulled ESPN
- Went on a trip to Maryland for ESPN video shoot with Sports caster Scott Van Pelt
- Picked the brain of a freelancer about some career choices
- Event went really well

AAV Internship Log Week 11 (30 hours)

Week 11: (July 31 - August 4)

  • Week 11 was another week with the installers. Spent the majority of the week at Dollar Financial in Malvern installing AV upgrades for two conference rooms. The upgrades included new 70” displays and new codec systems (Touchpanel, codec, camera, etc.) for VTC applications.
  • Friday also included a trip to Mainline Health in King of Prussia to replace a broken projector screen in a conference room. This visit was a quick in and out.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Forge Recording week 12

10 Hours

I was only in on Monday, spent all day organizing and cataloging files on the backup drives. I also worked on fixing some mic stands and repairing xlr cables. Made some new cat5 cables, ours were disappearing.
Intern report: Week 11

hours: 24

I wrote 12 songs (from 30 seconds to a minute in length and varying styles) had them evaluated and got really good feeb back. Dove deeper into the everyday life of the in house writers and producers. Was really dope.

WJTL Week #12

Week #12
11.5 hours worked

This week was a long one at the station compared to the summer leading up to this point. I did a lot of my normal jobs (writing/recording an Events Promo, stuffing envelopes, being on the air, etc.), but I also did different things to fill out the extra time. On Tuesday, I got tasked with going to different online calendars, housed by different websites, and adding in upcoming fall/winter concerts that WJTL is sponsoring. On Thursday, I got to put my work gloves on and do some good old fashioned hard work. We weeded and mulched a small play area, in preparation for an upcoming kids event, and we weeded and mowed around a culvert, where it was really starting to get overgrown. While landscaping isn't what I came to WJTL to do, this taught me that everyday is a new day with fun and exciting surprises and you have to be a team player and be up to do any type of task that may need to be done for the good of the company.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Megan Ebling, Week 12, Anderson Audio

Week 12
7/31 - 8/4
Total hours week 12: 36

  • Repaired various cables that came back from shows in the last few weeks
  • Re-loomed various cables
  • Terminated some XLR
  • Began pulling and organizing equipment for an upcoming Tom Petty show

Friday, August 4, 2017

Funhaus Intern Report #9

Hours: 24

This week at Funhaus:

-No Dude Soup this week, but the new season of Twits and Crits began filming so we put the set together for that this week. The main differences with the T&C set is the game table, which has a screen that needs to be programmed and cleaned, and you now have to feed the mic cables up through holes in the table. Also, there is a super fancy overhead camera that none of the interns are supposed to touch because it's really expensive.

-Another heavy Photoshop week, some specialty ones. Some for sponsors.

-Learned some really good after effects stuff this week.

Week 12 Springwood Productions

Late to the party but,
Week 12 or so?
Hours worked: 12
This week I got the chance to go to Pennsylvania and Wilmington with Springwood to shoot an EPK for Jamal Anthony. We filmed interviews with him and some of his friends, as well as clips from his live performance in Wilmington. I've also been gearing up to go on the Limitless Jeep Tour next week, which should be a good time - 14 states in 7 days. Just got an some more SD cards for the road and an SD to lightning reader so I can edit photos on my iPad on the road which I'll be able to post the next day, so that's really exciting. We also had a video conference call to discuss everything else going on with this trip, so we had everything squared away.
Also, haven't posted here yet because Evan Cowles is a dit and forgets that he's still technically a student. That being said, here's what I've emailed Professor Snyder thus far:

Week 1
-Was assigned various tasks which included a lot of research
-Researched snapchat trends and how businesses market using snapchat and instagram
-Found out how ads worked on instagram and how we are able to advertise using geotags, localized ads, etc.
-Became familiarized with different snapchat users and how they operate their stories - working to take the aspects about those users that I'm fond of and figure out how to begin applying it to springwood stories in the future
-Downloaded and began experimenting with typeorama - an app that ads text to visuals fairly easily.
-Found out how to make a gif
- Began finding different festivals and events to pitch Springwood to, and compiled them into a list - still working on adding to this list
- Began looking into other schools that have media programs that we could get into contact with for Jess to speak at - also still adding to this list
Cumulative hours worked: 9.5
Week 2:
-Continued to research what makes instagram/social media stories posts/stories effective
     -That included watching several YouTube videos and reading various articles and taking notes for future use
     -Did research on how to create an online network, or a "following" - people that are interested without being necessarily being able to be "clients"
-Fleshed out list of festivals to pitch springwood to
-made a list of schools to pitch springwood workshops to
Cumulative Hours Worked: Around 7 (?)

Week 3:
-Continued to brainstorm and come up with a list of themes to make prerecorded stories and videos for Springwood's social media - whether that be used independently (as in YouTube videos) or as shortened/cropped versions for stories.
-Did research on facebook videos as opposed to youtube - there's potential there
-Continued research as mentioned in previous two weeks
-Made a list of questions to ask Jess about for "Our Story" section of the website
-Made a list of questions to ask Jess about for her bio (will also have to get calls from other people in Springwood to create their bios as well)
-On Tuesday met up with Jess in Delaware to go over those story ideas, and to ask questions to build "Our Story" and her bio
-Wrote "our Story" section
Cumulative Hours Worked: Around 12

Week 4-10

Summer has been busy for me, so I'm gonna format it differently and just throw this all at you at one time, but in the time since my last update, here’s what I've done:
  • Went to Philadelphia Pride where I recorded video of pride parade and festival, ano interviewed people on the subject of pride
  • Went to NYC pride to record video in the same manner, with more side footage and interviews. Both of these were to create a video focusing on pride and 
  • Compiled the Philadelphia footage into a video to present to Jess, to be added to later with NYC shots. 
  • Went to Baltimore to get footage for creating more “produced” videos for Springwood’s instagram stories
  • Wrote A biography for Jess, Dan, and Jon for the new springwood website
  • Provided input and suggestions to help restructure the springwood website
  • Edited sections of text on the Springwood website so that it reads well, and also includes more positive marketing terminology
  • Finalized the “Our story” section for Springwood’s new website, which details Springwood’s inception and development.
  • Researched more on instagram tactics and other social media influencers, including the rise of Facebook video
  • Contacted a list of festivals and concerts about having Springwood record video for them, altering the email for each festival making sure it was fully customized. 
  • Made a list of schools to reach out to and drafted an email that I would be able to send to these schools, to send out soon.
  • Wrote an agreement for Jess detailing a project manager and Marketing creative director position.
  • In terms of learning stuff, I've learned more about setting camera levels that I didn't know needed to be set - like video frame speeds and shutter speeds (in regards to video). I've also learned how to use a glidecam after two weeks of fiddling and not doing it right, and did a lot of experimenting in Lightroom, trying different presets that I downloaded and creating my own - looking at other photographers and videographers and YouTube tutorials to apply it to what I do. Got a couple new lenses
  • In three weeks or so I’m going to be going on a 7 day trip through various states with the Limitless Jeep Tour, which we will be filming a series of videos for, so that should be exciting. 
All-in all probably about 70 hours between these weeks?? I really don't know, these hours are hard to track and I don't usually do strictly work for long  periods of time - it's usually multitasking unless I'm on-location. 

Week 11

This past week I took a short trip with Springwood up to Nazareth to record video for Small Town Titans while they were recording new songs in the studio. What was awesome about this experience was that I was able to get experience in filming video, but it was also an opportunity to be in a studio setting with one of the most accommodating men I've ever met - I got to ask him questions about how he was recording them and what sort of specs he was using, and he answered all my questions enthusiastically. He's a private teacher as well, so he had a very understanding and generous approach to how he shared information, and that made me enthusiastic to ask more questions and get to know more things. We were in there all day sunday and monday, and while I didn't want to bug him, I learned a lot from him and got to see a studio setting that wasn't LVC's for the first time, and that was amazing. On the "Work" side of it, we recorded video for about 6 new songs/covers for Small Town Titans, and we got some great footage (in my opinion). For six people all being in one tracking room recording music and video at the same time, it was pretty cluttered, but we made it work. We also recorded interviews with the band a s a whole, with a fan, and with each individual band member as part of Small Town Titan's EPK.
As for development, I learned some new camera gadgets and got a new lens, got a gopro and learned how to use that (though it decided to be problematic during the shoot).
As for overall hours, I mean, we kinda worked all day sunday and monday I personally have almost 100 GB of footage alone - so I'd say the total working hours were probably close to 20 hours. 

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Week 8, Boys and Girls Club

Hours Worked:18

  • Started collecting information about IT/AV necessities for the conference
  • Delivered wrap gifts to school sites
  • Visited Conference site again to take inventory of furniture and start developing furniture setups
  • Designed room setups for the conference

WJTL Week #11

Week #11
8.5 hours worked

This week I did a lot of the same things that occur each week. I gave the weather on the radio, but got to be more active in that role. I also announced a contest that was coming up as well as read a liner advertisement. I restocked the guest refrigerator in the concert hall along with stuffing envelopes and entering names into the database. I continue to become effective with my time spent on my Events Promos. I have it down to about only an hour to write and record, edit, and master the entire project, which is much quicker than when I started. The "most exciting" part of my week when when I got to use the copier machine for the first time this summer and make copies of concert program inserts.