Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Forge Recording week 11

16 hours
Monday I came in and cleaned/ organized some things. Worked on updating the studio procedures manual. Later I went with Robbie and Sheldon to University of Penn's arboretum, we were providing a sound system for their Freshman welcome. It was an easy setup, they just needed some speakers in a few places and a board so they could play music. We also had a wireless mic setup for a speech as well. Wednesday I was just cleaning and helping out Sheldon with some tasks around the building such as changing light bulbs and hanging some frames on the wall.
Intern report: Week 9

Worked 24 hours

Helped in publishing and the catalog team for the music Jingle Punks pitches and supplies to companies.

Worked on my own "jingles" and mixes.

Did the dishes :D

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

AAV Intern Report (2.5 weeks: 104 hours)

Week 8: (July 10 - 14)
  • Week 8 was spent with a technician at CHOP, mostly on the main campus. The main project was the testing and implementation of AV upgrades to the hospital’s emergency command center, adding two 90” displays and some other equipment such as wireless “Mersive” pods allowing wireless display extension to the existing system installed by AAV. This also involved recalibrating the existing system to integrate the new hardware. Stops in a conference room at chop main to pull old code off a codec, and at the new Robertson Research Center to troubleshoot some problems with a divisible large conference room were made at a few points during the week as well.
Week 9: (July 17 - 21)
  • Week 9 was the beginning of my time with the engineering department. I sat in with engineers learning about the DSP files they construct for projects and how they approach it, drafters to see how they take a bill of materials and a scope and turn that into functional diagrams of the systems to be issued for fabrication and field implementation, an engineer that writes lisp code (CAD specific) for the department to automate some crazy things within their engineering and drafting processes, three sales engineers who take a proposal and scope from sales and build a system and estimate the cost of it based on the client's needs and budget, or just fine tune and review a bill of materials and scope already provided by the salesman in some cases, the list goes on and on. I sat in on a lot of meetings that covered everything from large project management to specialty design team meetings to meetings with teams creating brand new project solutions for the company. In short I learned a lot that week, and to summarize it all thoroughly would require a novella so I’ll leave it with that general description.
Week 10: (July 24 - 26)

  • Worked with our esteemed Scrummaster as he set up a Haivision media server to demo for a major client as a solution for a platform to manage and record simulations in a sim complex for employees in training. This was really really cool but is another thing where going deeper while still being clear would require a novella, so I’ll leave it there unless prompted for a more detailed explanation.
  • Short week, on vacation from Thursday through Monday.
Anderson Audio Week 9
Hours: 102.5
- We had some missed item in pulls for a couple of shows. This made us very on top of things for others pulls.
- Load in and Load out of Hershey Lodge and Lancaster Convention Center for Corp. shows.
- Pulls for Raleigh NC.
- Pulls for Pat Benatar and Rick Springfield.
- Overnight trip for Pat Benatar Load in / concert/ load out.

Intern report:
Week number 10
hours worked 8.5
 Continued work on the acoustic wall in main studio, assisted in recording a voice over for an app that will teach the constitution 

Monday, July 24, 2017

Forge Recording Week 10

16 hours.
Monday I spent cleaning out the storage closet and reorganizing all of the remote gear. Robbie wanted it to be easier to find things back there so I went through all the the boxes and cases and moved things where they belonged and relabeled everything. Wednesday I worked on going through all of their backup hard drives and writing down where everything is. Robbie wanted a list of what's on each hard drive so when clients from previous years ask for something he doesn't have to spend an hour searching through all the drives to find where they are. It was a very tedious task but it makes Robbie's life easier.

Week 7, Boys and Girls Club

Hours Worked: 18

  • Finalized field trip schedules for school sites
  • Delivered staff wrap gifts to school sites
  • Cleared out pod and storage unit
  • Moved inventory from Gym to storage unit

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Cody Esposito, Architekt Music, Week 9

Hours: 1:00PM - 11:30PM (10.5 Hours)

- Adjusted track lengths for client's mix CDs
- Sat in on EDM/pop mixing session
- Met a client and sat in listening to his mastered EP
- Sat in on vocal tracking session

Hours: 11:30AM - 9:00PM (9.5 Hours)

- Transported equipment to Glen Rock to track drums
- Sat in on drum tracking session
- Set up and tear down for drum tracking session

Hours: 1:00PM - 2:30PM (1.5 Hours)

- Transported equipment for drum tracking session from Glen Rock back to Butler

Week #10 WJTL

Week #10
8.5 hours

This week was a huge week for working on production material. I wrote, recorded, edited, and mastered an Events Promo to air throughout the following week, as I do every week, but also got the opportunity to edit and master a series of pre-recorded information spots brought to listeners by a local credit union. This project took me half of my time on Tuesday and then some more time on Thursday to really make a quality product and give the listeners the best listening experience possible. With the "cool" jobs you get to do during an internship, you always have a few "uncool" jobs and that was certainly the case this week. Along with the production stuff, I had to put together packages for contest winners as well as sort and count more excess T-shirts from a previous concert.

Megan Ebling, Week 10,Anderson Audio

Week 10
7/17 - 7/23
Total hours week 10: 70

  • Loaded in and out for a corporate show in Lancaster
  • Took apart a Meyer UPA-1P to diagnose a problem after getting dropped at a show a few weeks ago, turned out one of the cones needs to be sent out to be redone.
  • Put away equipment that came back from multiple shows this past weekend.
  • Continued prepping lights for the upcoming Pat Benatar show
    • Planned out cabling, DMX runs, and power for lights
    • Addressed and labeled all of the lights for an easier load in
  • Was part of the lighting crew for the Rick Springfeild and Pat Benatar show this weekend

Friday, July 21, 2017

Funhaus Intern Report #7

Hours: 25

This week at Funhaus:

-A lot of video processing, doing syncs for a couple gameplay videos. Learned some new ways to go about doing them faster

-Created proxy files for videos, this process can take hours and a lot of computer power so for pretty much all of Friday my computer was just a proxy slave.

-More photoshops for more shows.

-Set the graphics card and decimator for the podcast in addition to what I usually do.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Forge Recording week 9

20 hours
Monday I spent cleaning the building. We had an open house on Tuesday with about 200 clients and engineers/producers who came throughout the evening. I got to meet some cool people and make connections, talked to people about their experiences and what they're doing in the Industry. A lot of musicians and engineers are leaning towards freelance work. Wednesday I cleaned up the building from after the open house, bounced some files to send to a client who finally paid his bill.

Week 6, Boys and Girls Club

Hours Worked: 18

  • Put together wrap gifts for summer staff
  • Coordinated busses and scheduled field trips
  • Delivered extra supplies to school sites

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Cody Esposito, Architekt Music, Week 8

Hours: 1:00PM - 12:00AM (11 Hours)

- Adjusted/evened levels for a client's karaoke mix
- Learned more tricks for using Melodyne, and for tracking vocals
- Learned about the pre-pro process
- Helped set up for a future tracking session
- Was introduced to some very interesting and informative recording podcasts
Anderson Audio Week 8
Hours Worked: 53

- Some shop work: Cleaning, replacing light bulbs
- Pulls for the busy weekend
- Some mock setups and work on the LS9 (FOH and MON)
- Micing various acoustic instruments
- Prep for Pat Benatar
- Hershey Webcast load in/ load out
- Ahold load in/ load out
- Brewfest
- Wellspan load in/ load out
- Putting thins away

Monday, July 17, 2017

Week #9 WJTL

Week #9
8 hours worked

This week was back to basics, with a small new twist. I got to do some things that I haven't done in a few weeks, like stuffing envelopes and restocking the guest refrigerator in the concert hall, while also being able to do some new things. On Tuesday, they had me unload, sort, and organize, items that were in their travel trailer. Once we got all of that sorted and the trailer was clear, I had to mop and clean it to make it ready for when they use it next. While this isn't the most glamorous job, it is rewarding to watch the progress develop before your eyes. I also got to organize, sort, and count spare T-shirts that they had after a concert.

Week #8 WJTL

Week #8
5 hours worked

This week I only went in on Thursday (7/6) because the station was closed on Tuesday for the holiday. On that day, I got to write, record, edit, and master my events promo for the next week along with editing previously recorded material for future use on the air. This was an interesting experience because the person who spoke for this recording did a really, really, terrible job! The poor guy couldn't go three words without taking a pause or restating them to try and get "better". Editing this, took a lot of patients, and focus and was definitely a challenge. However, when I got it all done and was happy with it, it meant that much more because I worked so hard on it.

Week #7 WJTL

Week #7
0 hours worked

I was on vacation this week (6/26-7/2) so I did not go in to my internship. I received permission and cleared this with my supervisor ahead of time.

Week #6 WJTL

Week #6
7 hours worked

This week I did a lot of the same things I have done in the past, just in a different order. I continued to grow as I gave the weather on the air, becoming more comfortable and confident as well as writing events promos and recording, editing, and mastering them for play on the air the following week. I really have hit my stride with this part of the job, knowing exactly what to say to educate the listeners while keeping within the time allowed. I also did some typical "interny" things this week, like stuffing envelopes and running errands for the staff at the local farmer's market to get things for studio guests.
Intern report:
Week number 9
hours worked 13.5

Cleaned up studio, assisted with a mic shoot out for an upcoming voice over, assisted with a few rough mixes for an upcoming album, assisted running live sound for a community day festival by controlling the onstage monitors and also setup/tear down of gear. 
Intern report:
Week number 8
hours worked 7

Assisted running the DJ booth for the first night of a festival run by a church. Helped load/unload/setup all the gear necessary. 
Intern report:
 Week number 7
hours worked 25
Cleaned up the studio in preparation for the audio engineering lab. Assisted during the audio engineering lab (tues-fri) run through the library as head engineer on a tracking session to demonstrate what an audio engineer really does.
Intern report: Week 8, worked 16 hours

Helped more with publishing. Learned about some awesome virtual instruments and how to use them better and more realistically. I also learned more about PRO's, cost of breaking an artist in the main stream, and the cool music business tip bits. Did the dishesssssss. :D

Megan Ebling, Week 9, Anderson Audio

Week 9
Total hours week 9: 58
7/10 - 7/16

  • Terminated more XLR for lectern microphone kits.
  • General shop tidying, organization, and cleaning.
  • Was given an assignment to pretend to be a client and come up with a stage plot and input list. Each intern was asked to do this and for each scenario we would switch our roles.
  • Terminated a custom XLR and TRS snake.
  • Preparation for multiple upcoming shows, this past week has been busy for shop preparation.
  • Was part of the crew for two shows this weekend.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Funhaus Intern Report #6

Hours Worked: 16

Another short week because of RTX.

-Did photoshop work for the main shows as well as some specialty ones.

-Did syncs and proxies for videos.

-Learned how to cut video for previews.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Intern report week 8 that's the plan productions

Intern report: Week number, hours worked, brief description of work.

Week 8

  • 7/11/17- 5hrs: meeting at the academy building, discussed progress on the building.
  • 7/12/17- 5hrs: studio breed recording session - recording fred 
  • 7/13/17- 5hrs: discussed event on July 20th  "khanzo collection pop up party" 
total hrs = 15hrs

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Week 5, Boys and Girls Club

Hours Worked:18

  • Visited Conference site in order to draw out rough map
  • Made rough map of facility
  • Finalized map
  • Determined AV/IT needs for each room and capacity of each room

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Funhaus Intern Report #5

Hours Worked: 8

Only did 1 day this week because for most of the week almost all of the staff was in Texas for the Roosterteeth Expo. On that one day we had the podcast where I set up a couple cameras and lights. I also did sound check and learned how to use the switcher and connect to the monitors. Because Fullscreen staff had off for 4th of July, setting up was a little more involved.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Everything Thus Far... (Total Hours: 256)

Intern report: Week number, hours worked, brief description of work.

Advanced AV LLC.                                             Summer Internship Log
Joseph DeVenuto Jr.

Week 1: (May 22 - 26)
  • Orientation - Tour of the Headquarters and introduction to a majority of the staff. Also took NSCA Assessment to gauge my experience level. This is a new practice they are considering to screen new hires.
  • Tuesday through Friday I sat in with the express sales team, members of the sales team, and the technicians in the fabrication shop; as well as sitting in on a product demo from a potential supplier of room-scheduling panels and going to Shire Pharmaceuticals Exton location with two members of the sales team to shadow a meeting concerning potential AV systems upgrades at the client’s facility.
Week 2: (May 29 - June 2)
  • Installer training started on week two with a large install team at GeoBlue’s Highway to Health facility in King of Prussia where a large scale installation in progress since fall of last year was being finished up.
  • Was trained on how to read and interpret all aspects of a site’s CAD drawings, and applied the knowledge quickly by installing a number of ceiling speaker mounts and speakers. From there I went with a number of the installers throughout the week on site working on and learning about how the AV and teleconferencing systems within a variety of offices, collaboration spaces, and conference rooms work.
Week 3: (June 5 - 9)
  • Accompanied the delivery of job materials to Camp Nockamixon. The Camp was just finishing up construction on their new open air, covered amphitheater, and AAV was contracted to install all AV components.
  • Through the rest of the week worked with the install team, and through first hand experience did a number of tasks with the installers including: Pulling cable from the ceiling of the stage through to the sound-booth in back, preparing and terminating various control, power, audio, and network cables, mounting AV racks, mounting speakers above the stage, mounting network equipment and other AV transmitters and receivers, mounting a 400lb projection screen. These experience’s also trained me in the use of a range of tools and how to effectively use them to create the proper, neat, and professional product that AAV’s standards dictate.
  • Over that week I was able to see a job through from start to finish, and participate in each part of the installation. And I’ve gotta say, it’s a pretty sweet outdoor theatre with a killer sound system.
Week 4: (June 12 - 16)
  • The first two days of the week were in the fabrication shop, practicing cable terminations including: RJ45 connectors, male and female XLR connectors, RCA connectors, and DB9 connectors.
  • Middle of the week went with an install team to begin a project upgrading a simulation lab at Mainline Health’s Bryn Mawr Hospital. This included pulling cable, terminating network cables (RJ45), and mounting ceiling speakers.
  • The last part of the week I was sent back up to Nockamixon with the installers to replace the motor on the projection screen, which had burned out.
Week 5 & 6: (June 19 - 30)
  • Started work with the Techs week 5. Spent Monday with my Supervisor and the VP of technology Travis Lisk going through rooms at GeoBlue’s Exton location teching the smaller rooms. Learned the basics of setting up and testing a complete room. Worked with equipment and software from a variety of manufacturers including Crestron, Extron, and Cisco.
  • Tuesday through Thursday I worked with a tech at Moravian University’s new health and sciences building, learning how to setup and troubleshoot more complex systems including a simulation lab, 3 divisible classrooms, a virtual cadaver lab, and various other labs and smaller classrooms. This also included applying install skills daily, rewiring racks and network switches according to changes in scope, installing newly arrived equipment including numerous apple TV’s and Mac Mini’s and troubleshooting errors or malfunctions by locating the problem in the hardware chain using the sites CAD drawings. There were a lot of unexpected issues at this job so I got to independently diagnose and fix a good number of hardware problems while the techs focused on the network and software side of the problems. I learned the basics of Crestron’s Toolbox program, Q-SYS Designer, and the management and population of the job site’s network sheet.  

*** Note: Every tech I've worked with has Avatar with them somehow. They need some fitting media to test the displays or projectors, and since it is a pretty amazing movie visually, I figured the company just gave everyone a copy but nope, somehow they all just decided on that and were surprised when I told them everyone else uses the same thing. I've heard/seen almost every part of that movie several times over in my time here, and the single best part was walking back from lunch at Moravian to see a group of contractors sitting in a row against the back wall, eating their lunches, watching Avatar movie theater style, I think that made everyone's day.
Week 7: (July 5 - 7)

  • Spent the short week in the staging part of the Tech process, testing and loading code onto a system for Sheraton University City in the fabrication shop. Involved assembling and wiring racks, and learning more about the software used for the different types of hardware we use. This included the two programs mentioned in week’s 5 and 6 as well as Polycom’s Sound Structure and Extron’s Global Configurator. All of the tech experience so far have also given me a lot more knowledge on networks and how they work; LANs and WANs are often in the mix of even the smallest AV installations, and ubiquitous in the larger ones.
  • Starting week 6 I began taking infocomm training courses online through the company in my free time, and am on the road to becoming CTS certified in the coming months.
  • ** Also made a cable delivery to a site in Philly Monday morning, driving the van there by myself was pretty awesome. In this and many other ways I've gotten to apply my skills I've learned and contribute to the company and its projects in real and sometimes significant ways. The fulfillment from that makes the daily 3 hour commute and nightly online training that much more worth it.

**Note: Each week was 40 hours, with the exception of Memorial Day and the July 4th Holiday. Every day worked was 8 hours not including the hour for lunch each day.

Forge Recording week 8

16 hours. Nothing too exciting this week. Spent Monday cleaning ALL the windows on the building, outside and in. Wednesday I spent cleaning the floor in the live room in Studio A. Repaired some cables and mic stands. There were no sessions this week

Cody Esposito, Architekt Music, Week 7

Hours: 3:00PM - 7:00PM (4 Hours)

- Learned how to use Melodyne 4
- Sat in on pitch correcting session

Hours: 1:00PM - 10:00PM (9 Hours)

- Cleaned out studio B iso booth for session
- Helped rearrange practice rooms
- Organized/edited sessions for vocal tracking
- Did rough mix of song for editing/retracking
- Sat in on backup vocal tracking session
Intern report: Week 7

Worked 24 hours

Helped with publishing and documenting what companies used our songs and in what shows on what dates. Put together a chair. Went on a FedEx adventure. Did dishes.

Sorted through cue sheets submitted by Fox sports to identify which shows Jingle Punks monetized and categorized more songs to be pitched.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Anderson Audio Week 8
Hours worked: 42

-Taking care of ANNA that were broken from Wrigley
-Took company vehicles for inspection
-Insurance adjuster for broken ANNA
-Fixing some motor cable
-Cleaning up around the shop
-Prepping another ANNA show for Chris

Friday, July 7, 2017

Megan Ebling, Week 8, Anderson Audio

Week 8
7/3 - 7/7
Total hours week 8: 30

  • Cleaned around the shop
  • Cleaned and inspected various cables and equipment that came back from shows
  • Repaired CAT 5 cables
  • Terminated new XLR cable for lectern microphone kits
  • Reconfigured the way our adaptive cables are arranged to prepare for some system reconfigurations that are going to be taking place

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Intern report week 5-7,

 Intern report: Week number, hours worked, brief description of work.

week: 5  6/14-17/17

  • wed 6/14/17 (5 hrs) : preproduction at fred house
  • Thurs 6/15/17 - (7 hrs) : Breed Studios, Nate is tracking Fred
  • Fri 6/16/17 - (5 hrs): helped at Mont Brown's community basketball event
  • Sat 6/17/17 - (10 hrs) : Stage management at Mont Brown's Kick Back Festival
total= 27hrs

Week: 6  6/21-23/17

  • wed 6/21/17 (5 hrs ) : studio session @ breed studios
  • Thurs 6/22/17 (5 hrs) : studio session @ white room
  • fri 6/23/17   (5 hrs)  :  studio session @ breed studios

Week: 7 6/28-30/17
  • wed 6/28/17  (5hrs) meeting at academy building
  • thurs 6/29/17 (5hrs) working on documentary for Anthony
  • fri 6/30/17     (5hrs ) working at Over Brook HS reunion

total=57 for week 5-7

Forge Recording week 7

16 hours
On monday a Jazz group came in to record some originals. Two of the members were LVC alum, they graduated in the 70's. I helped set up the session with Brendan and observed. He showed me some of his miking techniques for jazz combos and what outboard gear he likes to run things through. Wednesday I spent cleaning and fixing the mic stands in the rehearsal room. A group had rented it out and somehow managed to break all of the mic stands
Week 6:

worked 24 hours.

Helped with publishing and putting a new artists songs into the system and get the songs ready to be published.

Talk and shared ideas and techniques about mixing. Worked on music.


Monday, July 3, 2017

Week 7 Anderson Audio
Hours worked: 57

- A lot of shop cleaning, projects, and work.
- Labeling and prepping new cable and managing various shipments.
- Pull for Harrisburg Symphony, Tom Petty, and Dead and Company.
- The setup at Dickenson  College for HS.

Week 4, Boys and Girls Club

Hours Worked: 18

  • Researched and arranged field trips for three school sites
  • Visited school sites to help with programming
  • Started working out logistics for Be Great Conference
  • Did free lance work for a local company doing chair setup for large scale event at an SF convention center

Megan Ebling, Week 7, Anderson Audio

Week 7
Total Hours Week 7: 56.5

  • Tagged and greased new feeder for the shop
  • Terminated and repaired various cables throughout the week
  • Pulled equipment for a symphony show
  • Did a challenge to learn some of the gear we have in more detail
  • Was on the crew for a symphony show 

Friday, June 30, 2017

Funhaus Intern Report #4

25 Hours

This week at Funhaus:

I got to work with Omar as an assistant to production on the podcast this week. This involved doing new pre-show work like checking lights and doors, putting up recording signs, and clap sync. During the podcast I learned how the audio is recorded into pro tools, and what settings and EQ they use for their mics. Omar taught me different techniques for panning between cameras and explained how the video feed works. The rest of my responsibility was constantly watching lights, meters, and timecodes to make sure nothing explodes or falls apart.

In addition to that I set up all the mics and audio for the podcast, I did more photoshop work. I quality checked and time coded the podcast, and I sync'd a video.

Cody Esposito, Architekt Music, Week 6

Hours: 1:00PM - 11:00PM (10 hours)

- Cleaned/reorganized closet space
- Organized and set up PT files for editing
- Helped with pitch correction on vocal tracks

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Intern report:
Week number 6
hours worked: 13.5

Finished up cataloguing A/V equipment, demoed a studio session for some kids from church, recorded bass and guitar, helped set up and tear down for a live performance at the hotel hershey

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Funhaus Intern Report #3

Hours: 25

This week at Funhaus I:

Made more Photoshop material for content.

Did some syncing and pre-editing work

Quality checking

Setup audio for the dude soup podcast

Did camera positioning and setup

Week 3, Boys and Girls Club

Hours Worked: 18

  • Travelled to school sites and distributed supplies
  • Started brainstorming for upcoming conference theme and keynote speaker
  • Designed tshirts and made playlist for upcoming in house training

Monday, June 26, 2017

Cody Esposito, Architekt Music, Week 5

Hours: 12:30PM - 6:00PM (5.5 Hours)

- Sat in on guitar tracking session
- Learned how to use Kemper guitar effects unit
- Learned about tracking and layering guitars

Hours: 1:00PM - 11:00PM (10 Hours)

- Studio housekeeping, errands
- Learned about reverb and other effects used while mixing
- Set up and tear down for vocal tracking session
- Sat in on vocal tracking session

Forge Recording week 6

16 Hours

Over the weekend a String quartet had come to record a soundtrack for a new Netflix series. On Monday I observed Ron working with the composer to splice together all the takes. It was interesting to see how that process is done, it was very tedious. I talked with the composer a bit, I don't remember his name but  he used to work for Hans Zimmer as a ghost writer. Later that evening I was asked to stay a little late to help set up a session. Sony called and asked if they could send an artist to record vocals. Forge usually doesn't take clients from labels because it's always really unorganized and the label tries to low-ball them or they take way to long to pay, but they offered to pay up front so Sheldon, the owner, allowed it. It was just me and Sheldon who is the owner of the studio and only has a business background. The artist was a female rapper named Gizzle, who showed up with a full band after Sony had told us she was just doing vocals. Luckily Ron has been teaching me to use the studio because her engineer, L, had never recorded a full band before. I set up the whole session myself and had to show L how to use the board and all of the outboard gear. It was a cool learning experience and a test to see how much I've been learning. Wednesday was a pretty slow day, just the usual cleaning and organizing. 
Week 5:

worked: 24 hours

Updated publishing shares for custom made works (songs) that were delivered and approved by clients. Some deals at Jingle Punks incentives clients to use our works by owning some of the publishing.

Worked with the publishing department and learned more on what they do and deal with.

Dishes and got snacks :)

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Anderson Audio
Week 6 Hours worked: 27

- Cleaning cable and things/ unpacking OSD
- Organization and prep of incoming shipments
- Pull and truck load for Petty and Dead
- Lifting. Lifting. Lifting.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Megan Ebling, Week 6, Anderson Audio

Week 6
Total Hours Week 6: 44.5

  • Repaired numerous XLR cables and a turnaround adaptor
  • Went to do a semi permanent install at a corn maze attraction, observed a superior doing onsite repairs to equipment
  • Tidied up the workspace area of the shop so that there is more room to do repairs and work back in the area
  • Took inventory of adapter kits
  • Built a rack that contained some network gear, input/output panels, storage space, and power conditioners for a show that is happening next week
  • Helped to pack a truck extremely efficiently for shows that are happening in Chicago next week