Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The Jamwich

Week 2

June 12th
Hours worked: 4
- Learning how to use wordpress
-Interviewed Liz Brasher
-Researched about the City Winery in Washington DC
-Find epk photo of Liz Brasher
-Wrote and published an article about Liz Brasher and her performance at the City Winery in Washington DC

June 13th
Hours worked: 4
-Learned how to use mailchimp
-Sent out a huge email to all of "The Jamwich family" to receive news of the newest issue of The Jamwich
-Posted an article for Dark Star orchestras fall tour

June 14th
Hours worked: 4
-Posted a festival review for The Blesstival: Bless the Woods 7
-Posted a festival review for Paradise Music and Beer Festival

Total hours worked: 12
Springwood Productions Week 4

Hours: 3

I have been in the process of editing video footage from East Coast Music Conference in Norfolk, Virginia. In addition, I have emailed the director of the event in order to get in contact with the video team that shot their promotional video in order to receive drone footage for the shoot. I also emailed Hot August Music Festival in Maryland in order to try to book a gig shooting video for their festival in August.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Audio Recording Unlimited Week #3

Week #3

Hours Worked: 8.5
-Started my first intern project
     -Mezzacorona 15 second commercial
     -started adding sound effects and looking for music to use

Hour Worked: 9
-Sat in on a phone patch for a Wendy's commercial
     -VO talent in Chicago, connecting to company in Kansas City
     -many takes with different variations
-Source Connect Now Test
     -Tested Source Connect now with another studio to test trial audio for using Source Connect Now for session the next day
-Worked more on my intern project
     -chose music and edited it to fit the 15 second spot
-Sat in on Enbrel music editing session
     -Wanted to test different music with certain commercials
     -Edit desired music for different video tracks

Hour Worked: 9
-Introduced to webseries template workflow 
     -make audio feel more like TV, less cheap than what you'd expect for web
     -how to pan for 5.1 surround and stereo
-Finished first intern project
     -Recorded VO through mock recording session with a VO talent and producer
     -Edited VO to producer's standards and desires
     -Adjusted levels and sound effects positioning
     -Mixdown to video
-Started second intern project
     -Chose video to work on
     -Started looking for desired music tracks

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

New Era Technology Week #4

Monday, June 11, 2018
Hours: 7
-Spent day in fabrication with a Field Technician 
-Created network sheet for system being staged
-Terminated cable

Tuesday, June 12, 2018
Hours: 8
-Created Network Sheet for project being fabricated and assigned IP addresses to devices
-Worked in FAB shop assembling and labeling racks

Wednesday, June 13, 2018
Hours: 8
-Accompanied tech on a service call and learned process of notifying client, service department, and dealer for repairs
-Assisted techs in office with staging a new system

Total Hours: 23

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Springwood Production Week #3
4 hours
Drove to headquarters yesterday in order to receive video files to edit for East Coast Music Conference that was attended in the beginning of May, along with live studio sessions. I also received a schedule of current video shoots that I will be in attendance for. Jess also gave me a run down as to how Adobe Premiere operates and how Springwood goes about their edits. Finally, we created a list of conferences to contact for client opportunities and strategized the best way to contact them. My assignments for this week include creating a checklist of assignments and dates using Wunderlist and working on becoming familiar with the Adobe packages.

Monday, June 11, 2018

The Jamwich

Week 1

June 5th
Hours worked: 2
-Given access to all social media platforms
-Given a document stating the format I must use when posting something on social media
-Gave my information so Elise can send me this months issue of the Jamwich
-Told to put up a post about the new issue and schedule two posts for the future

June 6th
Hours worked: 4
-Given the task to think of three interview questions for Liz Brasher
-Given the task to write a small article for her show in DC
-Given the task to make a list of all the bands performing at 19 music festivals

June 7th
Hours worked: 4
-Researching about Liz Brasher
-Making that list (stated above)

June 8th
Hours worked: 4
-Still making that List

Total hours worked: 14

Friday, June 8, 2018

Audio Recording Unlimited Week #2

Week 2

Hours Worked: 8.5 hours
-Sat in on a voice over recording for Marriott Hotels
     -Voice over for training video
     -learned how to mark scripts with takes and how to scan paperwork
-Changed air conditioning filters
-Introduced to the internship project
     -can choose from a few different videos; add music and sound effects from their libraries
-Sat in on voice over for Gerber Collision
     -changing words in voice over for 15 second spot and 30 second spot and adjusting sound effects for 15 second spot

Hours Worked: 10.25
-Sat in morning mixing/editing session for music for Blue Cross
     -edit full length song to fit 60 second spot
     -I was asked to be recorded for scratch voice over
-One of the engineers was doing a freelance gig at KJ Audio for a friend that was out of town and I was able to sit in on it
     -editing car commercials for radio
     -Two 60 second spots, three 30 second spots, and an audio for video
     -Spots were written and recorded long so we had to time compress and cut down on some of the script

Hours Worked: 9
-Sat in on Comedy Central voice over recording for commercial spots
     -I was taught how one of the engineers likes to set up his sessions
     -ISDN phone patch
-Editing car commercials from 6/6
     -with the time compression, some of the words could not be understood, so we had to re-record a word and fit it back in the script
-Sat in on Comedy Central voice over recording for show The Detroiters
     -Phone patch
     -there was a slight hiss in recordings and it was due to a loose cable
-Testing Source Connect Now (Beta)
     -Digital audio patch through internet
     -noticed levels in the main recording room are higher than other rooms receiving signal

New Era Technology Week #3

Monday, June 4, 2018
Hours: 7
-Drew out room functionals in AutoCAD for a project
-Updated Bill of Materials with new devices, part numbers, and cable quantities

Tuesday, June 5, 2018
Hours: 7
-Helped a Systems Engineer edit an old CAD design for an updated install
-Worked on editing CAD files and cleaning up small errors and labels
-Designed Extron touch panel according to client’s needs

Wednesday, June 6, 2018
Hours: 7
-Worked on new project process with a Systems Engineer 
-Designed a DSP in Q-SYS Designer

Thursday, June 7, 2018
Hours: 7
-Helped Systems Engineer do a peer review on a completed drawing
-Worked on programming an Extron button panel
-AVIXA training courses 

Friday, June 8, 2018
Hours: 7
-Those who returned from InfoComm yesterday shared experiences and new products they saw there
-Helped Systems Engineers peer review and proof drawings
-Worked on AVIXA training courses

Total Hours: 35

Monday, June 4, 2018

Springwood Productions Week #2

3 Hours

Used email in order to send out an email to 26 organizations including music festivals, conferences, and music bands. This was done by writing a basic template for myself with the information that was necessary and then customizing it based on the place that the email was going to. Hoping for the best in hearing back from them. My boss and I are also scheduled to have a phone conference later this week in order to discuss further internship plans and dates.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

New Era Technology (Advanced AV) Week #2

Tuesday May 29, 2018
Hours: 7.5
-Worked with Engineer in AutoCAD drawing functional diagrams for install teams
-Learned some AutoCAD basics
-Previewed floor plans for site walk-through Wednesday

Wednesday May 30, 2018
Hours: 9.5
-Accompanied Sales Engineer and Account Manager to a site walk through in New Jersey
-Worked in AutoCAD with Systems Engineer and helped proof drawings 
-Worked on AVIXA CTS training courses

Thursday May 31, 2018
Hours: 7
-Learned DSP programming with Head of Engineering
-Assisted Engineer with CAD drawings for updating a current system

Friday June 1, 2018
Hours: 7
-Worked with Engineer/Drafter in AutoCAD 
-Learned DSP programming in Q-SYS Designer

Total Hours: 31

Friday, June 1, 2018

Audio Recording Unlimited Week #1

Week #1

Hours Worked: 5
-Introduction to the company and tour of the studios
-Sat in on a Voice Over commercial recording session for Comedy Central
   -ISDN phone patch
   -new scripts
-Sat in on a Voice Over commercial recording session for McDonald's and Coke
   -ISND phone patch
   -adding a word into a previously recorded session
-Early day due to Memorial Day Weekend

Hours Worked: 8.5
-Sat in on Mixing a commercial for Wendy's
   -adding/replacing sound effects
   -mixing voice over and music for stereo and 5.1

Hours Worked: 9
-Sat in on Voice Over commercial recording session for Comedy Central
   -ISND phone patch
   -new scripts
-Formal introduction to the Pro-Tools template used in the studios
-Learned how to decode an ambisonic recording into stereo and 5.1
-Sat in on a Mix and Layout of a hospital commercial
   -noise reduction
   -add EQ and Compression
   -balance music and voice over
   -attach to video and send back for approval

Total Hours Worked: 22.5

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Moravian College

Week #1

May 14, 2018
Hours: 6

  • Tour of Moravian College and studio
May 15, 2018
Hours: 7

  • Began disassembly and inventory of studio
  • Took pictures of the studio for reference
May 16, 2018
Hours: 6.5

  • Soldered and fixed a microphone along with XLR cables
May 17, 2018
Hours: 7

  • Continued cleaning and inventorying the studio
  • Proposed ideas for studio regarding floor, windows, storage, etc.
Total Hours: 26.5

Monday, May 28, 2018

Springwood Productions

Week #1

4 hours

Worked on a storyboard for a song by a potential client.
Storyboard was pitched to the client and slight adjustments were made.
Video shoot scheduled for July.

Friday, May 25, 2018

New Era Technology (Advanced AV) Week #1

Sales Engineering Department
Monday May 21, 2018
Hours: 7
-Shadowed Director of Design, Sales Engineer, and Drafter
-Sat in on Design Team meeting and Pre-Meetings for new projects
-Sales Engineers took me out to lunch for first day!

Tuesday May 22, 2018
Hours: 7.5
-Worked with Sales Engineer in Visio on updating drawings for a potential project
-Researched projects in CRM (database) and then attended pre-meetings and a weekly queue meeting about them
-Spent rest of day drawing signal flow diagrams for new projects

Wednesday May 23, 2018
Hours: 7
-Spent the day with Account Manager in charge of largest client
-Walked through project process from start to finish through the office
-Worked on creating scope of work and bill of materials for new project for meeting tomorrow

Thursday May 24, 2018
Hours: 7
-Attended sales meeting with all account managers and sales engineers
-Accompanied Account Manager to meeting with client and representative from Condeco to discuss continued partnerships
-Worked on signal flow diagrams for new AV/VC systems

Friday May 25, 2018
Hours: 6
-Spent morning in meetings with sales engineers discussing project processes and procedures

-Adjusted a client’s quote to GSC standards 

Total Hours: 34.5

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Seventh Wave Studio Week 17

Week 17. 05/07-05/13

  • 05/07. Mixing & Editing. 1st revisions cont.
  • 05/08. Mixing & Editing. 1st revisions cont.
  • Total Hours 5

Monday, May 7, 2018

Seventh Wave Studio Week 16

Week 16. 04/30-05/06.

  • 04/30. Editing & Mixing Session. 1st Revisions.
  • 05/01 Editing & mixing session continued. Studio maintenance.
  • Total hours 13.

Seventh Wave Studio Week 15

Week 15. 04/23-04/29.

  • 04/23. Mixing session. Continuation of week 14. 1st mix finished.
  • 04/24. Tracking session. Guitar and Bass.
  • Total Hours Worked 12.

Seventh Wave Studio Week 14

Week 13. 04/16-04/22

  • 04/16. Mixing session. Prepared files for band playback. Ran many files through outboard gear. Bounced file to be shared with band. 
  • 04/17 Mixing session cont. 
  • Hours 12

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Lebanon Mayor's Office Week 14

Week 14, 4/23/18 - 4/27/18:  14 hours Worked


Translated the North Side Neighborhood Committee Sign-Up Flyer

Worked 3 hours


Finished final translation touches on the Community Garden Party flyer

Worked 2 hours


Finished Word doc with fully translated Doing Business in Lebanon flowchart and info page

Worked 2 hours


Created small flyer cut outs for the Community Garden Party and strolled the North Side Neighborhood to talk to businesses about contributing to finance the new NSN banner.

Worked 4 hours


Continued to stroll the North Side Neighborhood and spoke to 10 businesses.

Worked 3 hours

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Hershey Theatre Week 14

Tuesday April 24, 2018

I came in today at 11:30pm and officially finalized Apollo nominees to be released to the public on Thursday. I filed release forms for students from the Apollo nominated schools and created paperwork for the individual nominees to fill out for the HIAA international theater competition. I also officially finalized the power point of Apollo winners. I left at 4:30pm

Total hours worked this week: 5 hours

Hershey Theatre Week 13

Tuesday April 17, 2018

Today I arrived at 11:30am and began finalizing musical scores. Tony and I went to drop off some paperwork at the offices at the Hershey Story for the music director for the Apollo awards. I nearly finished my power point of winners and left at 4:30pm

Total hours worked this week: 5 hours

Hershey Theatre Week 12

Monday, April 9, 2018

There was a meeting for the Apollo awards opening number that I came to at 5:30pm. We nailed down some ideas for the show and scheduled meetings for the rest of the month. We stayed for a little bit longer to work on scores and a power point of all of the past Apollo award winners from 2009-2017. We left at 7:30pm

Tuesday April 10, 2018

I arrived at 11:30am and continued working on Apollo award winner power point. We also tallied some more musical scores. I left at 4:30pm

Total hours worked this week: 7 hours

Hershey Theater Week 11

Tuesday April 3, 2018

I arrived at 11:30am. We got final scores for almost all of the Apollo shows and got everything finished for Kids Night on Broadway for Wednesday. We then chocolate world to get thank you gifts and prizes for KNOB. I left at 4pm

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

I arrived at 4pm today to help set up for KNOB. We set up tables with all of the activities and the kids loved them all.  I then sat and watched the show "The King and I" and it was fantastic. I left at 11pm

Side note: Anna Leonowens is now my new dream role.

Hours worked this week: 11.5 hours

Hershey Theatre Week 10

Tuesday March 22, 2018

I came in today at 8:30am and we started adding more scores for Apollo shows. After lunch I then worked on finding colors for all of the schools involved in the Apollo awards, then I continued my work for the Kids Night on Broadway activities. I left at 4:30pm

Hours worked this week: 8 hours

Seventh Wave Studio Week 13

Week 13. 04/09-04/015
  • 04/9  Editing & Mixing Session continued for upcoming rehearsal band session. 
  • 04/10 Editing session. Guitar edits and mix preparation for upcoming over-dub session
  • Total Hours Worked 11.5.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Lebanon Mayor's Office Week 13

Week 14, 4/16/18 - 4/20/18: 12 hours Worked

Monday: I worked on eligibility and guideline research for the city's facade improvement program

Worked 2 hours

Tuesday: Conducted research on the facade improvement programs of various city business improvement districts

Worked 2 hours

Wednesday: conducted more research regarding municipalities that have received the multi-modal grant from the DCED

Worked 2 hours

Thursday: Continued working on multi-modal research and created a descriptive paragraph for the city's geographic info

Worked 4 hours

Friday: conducted research on volunteer ambassador programs for business improvement districts

Worked 2 hours

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Seventh Wave Studios Weeks 11 & 12

Week 11 03/26-04/01.
  • No studio time this week supervisor on tour
  • Total Hours Worked N/A
Week 12 04/02-04/08.
  • 04/03 Editing & Mixing Session: Cello
  • Total Hours Worked 5.5

Monday, April 16, 2018

Lebanon Mayor's Office Week 12

Week 12, 4/9/18 - 4/13/18: 13.5 hours Worked

Monday: I worked on the document with vacant commercial properties

Worked 3 hours

Tuesday: I handled the updating on dates in insurance documents

Worked 30 minutes

Wednesday: took minutes/notes on the monthly Chamber of Commerce meeting

Worked 2.5 hours

Thursday: I finished the vacant properties list and added pictures to it

Worked 5 hours

Friday: I translated the Northside Neighborhood Banner letter, as well as the city's Public Notice of property condemnation. 

Worked 2.5 hours.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Lebanon Mayor's Office, Week 11

Week 11, 4/2/18 - 4/6/18: 16 hours Worked

Monday: Off, Easter Break

Tuesday: I created social media images for city council, pre-council, and shade tree commission meetings.

Worked 2 hours.

Wednesday: I created planning commission social media image and created events for the city on Facebook.

Worked 3 hours.

Thursday: Created a document with records regarding vacant commercial properties in the city.

Worked 4.5 hours

Friday: Created social media image for city Board of Health, as well as community events for the city on Facebook. The community events assignment specifically had to do with events that are to take place in the near future at Coleman Memorial Park.

Worked 3 hours.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Seventh Wave Studio Week 10

Week 10 03/19-03/25.

  • 03/19 Editing & Mixing Session. More edits on prelude track. 
  • Total Hours Worked 6.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Hershey Theatre Week 10

Thursday, March 29th

Today I came in at 9am and we had a ton of evaluation scores to calculate, so that's all we did the first half of the morning. Then I finalized the last of the Kids Night on Broadway activities. I also had to do some research for the schools involved in the Apollo awards for a special treat during the opening number for the show in May. I finished at 4pm

Total hours this week: 7 hours

Lebanon Mayor's Office, Week 10

Week 10, 3/26/18 - 3/30/18: 7.5 hours Worked

Monday: I designed a flyer for an Nature Camp event coming up in the July, featuring Jack Hubley and his program, "Critters Beyond Your Back Door." Left early because I am ahead on weekly assignments.

Worked 1.5 hours.

Tuesday: Stayed in school to focus on class assignments.

Wednesday: Finished some updates and revisions on the flyer from Wednesday. Also worked on city social media.

Worked 3 hours.

Thursday:  I scheduled more social media posts for the city and created a City Spring Calendar Events listing. Left home early.

Worked 3 hours

Friday: Easter Break

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Lebanon Mayor's Office, Week 9

Week 9, 3/19/18 - 3/23/18:  16 hours Worked

Monday: Sore throat kept me from working or going to class.

Tuesday: I was assigned to make copies of city invoices and complete a list of letters for the invoice recipients.

Worked 2 hours.

Wednesday: I finished apportioning the letters from Tuesday to the corresponding invoices and stuffed them into envelopes.

Worked 5 hours.

Thursday: I cut out small city newsletter invites and inserted them into the letters from Wednesday. I finished this week's invoice letter task. I moved on to helping the office with geographical data for defining the "greater Lebanon community", and I additionally finished the descriptions for certain business locations throughout the city. Additionally, I was assigned to help with designing the emails (via mailchimp) for city newsletter recipients for upcoming holidays.

Worked 6 hours.

Friday: I managed the city's social media by scheduling and designing posts for the future.

Worked 3 hours.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Seventh Wave Studio Week 9

Week 9 03/12-03/18.

  • 03/13 Editing Session. Created sound fx for prelude and interlude tracks on album project.
  • Hours Worked 7.5 

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Hershey Theater Week 9

Tuesday March 13, 2018

Today I came in and we worked on getting some more activities ready for Kids Night On Broadway. We also started tallying up evaluations for musicals, which is honestly the most exciting part of this internship!

We had a lot of scores to tally so that's pretty much what we did from 11:30am to 4pm

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Today at 12pm I went to help one of the Apollo evaluators at the National Memory Competition. She needed people to read off some of the information for the competitors. While I was there, I met a couple actors from the area who are in a travelling theater troupe and I got their contact info to possibly make some connections for them here at LVC! I also got to witness some of these high schoolers' wicked short-term memory, and that was pretty exciting. I left at 3:30pm

Hours worked this week: 8 hours

Friday, March 16, 2018

Lebanon Mayor's Office, Week 8

Week 8, 3/12/18 - 3/16/18:  13.5 hours Worked

Monday: Worked on collecting geographic information for the city, county, and state. Also called the city's Showcase Video sponsors to invite them to the city's exclusive viewing event for the video before it's uploaded on the city's website.

Worked 3 hours

Tuesday: Did not work due to emergency circumstance.

Wednesday: Took minutes for the monthly members meeting at the Lebanon Valley Chamber of Commerce. Also did revisions on the geographic information I collected on Monday and I also followed up with a Showcase Video Sponsor.

Worked 2.5 hours

Thursday: I folded up the letters designated to businesses in the BID and put them in envelopes.

Worked 5 hours.

Friday: Walked around the city to some of the BID's businesses to personally give them the letters from Thursday.

Worked 3 hours.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Hershey Theatre Week 8

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Today I arrived at 11am and we hit the ground running by sorting out some confusion about nominations. We then drove to Chocolate World to get gifts for the actors who were invited to read plays tonight. We then worked on creating the Kids Night On Broadway activities we had discussed the week before. I typed up the directions and the worksheet for most of the activities for KNOB.

At around 5pm, we turned over to preparing for the reading of the nominated plays for Best Student Playwrite for the Apollo awards. We had catered Panera, and we had to set up the food for the evaluators and the actors for the student plays. After dinner, we went upstairs and listened to the 6 nominated plays, and that night we had to stay and tally the scores for the plays. We left at about 10pm.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Today I started my internship in Elizabethtown at about 12:30pm. I met Tony there to see 2 of the musicals to be evaluated for the awards. We began by going to Donegal's Beauty and the Beast. We then went to see Elizabethtown's Curtains. Both shows were a treat to watch. We were finished around 10:30pm.

Total hours worked this week: 21 hours

Hershey Theatre Week 7

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Today I arrived at 11:30am and we printed more evaluator letters for this weekend's musicals. We also started brainstorming ideas for Kids Night On Broadway for when The King and I is at the Hershey Theatre. We created activities based on songs from the musical for kids to do before the Wednesday show on April 4th, like a maze with items from the show, and a scavenger hunt and many others. I left at 4pm

Friday, March 2, 2018

Today I arrived at 4:30pm for  meeting about putting together the opening number for the Apollo Awards in May. The song "Come Alive" has been announced as the opening number, and at the meeting, many big and exciting plans were discussed to make this year's awards very special. The meeting was finished by 7pm

Total hours this week: 7 hours

Hershey Theatre Week 6

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

This week I arrived at the Hershey Theatre at 11am. I began by doing research on tours and activities for the Apollo Award winners to do in New York City. We then printed score sheets and stuffed envelopes to send to evaluators. I also started making note of the release forms we have from students who were in the Apollo awards in the past. I left at 4pm.

Hours worked this week: 5 hours

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Lebanon Mayor's Office, Week 7

Week 7, 2/26/18 - 3/2/18:  12 hours Worked

Monday: Finished the new assignment from Friday (2/23) which was to make sure BID business address information is included in certain documents.

3 hours worked

Tuesday: Worked on getting information on upcoming community events in Lebanon.

2 hours worked

Wednesday: Continued working on getting information on upcoming community events in Lebanon.

2 hours worked

Thursday: Finished working on assignment for the week from Tuesday and Wednesday.

5 hours worked

Friday: Left for Spring break.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Seventh Wave Studio Weeks 5-8

Week 5. 02/12-02/18.

  • 02/12 Editing Session. Bass and Drum edits.
  • 02/13 Tracking Session. Tracked Guitar.
  • Hours Worked 10
Week 6. 02/19-02/25
  • 02/19 Tracking Session. Tracked Guitar and Vocals.
  • 02/24 Attended Millennium Music Conference. 
  • Hours Worked 14.5
Week 7. 02/26-03/04.
  • 02/27 Tracking Session. Tracked Guitar and Drums.
  • Hours Worked 6.5
Week 8. 03/5-03/11.
  • Studio Manager out of town. No studio time this week.
  • Hours Worked N/A

Monday, February 26, 2018

Lebanon Mayor's Office, Week 6

Week 6, 2/19/18 - 2/23/18: 15 Hours Worked

Monday: Worked on the invitation design for the red carpet event the city wants to put on for the businesses that sponsored the City's new showcase video.

Worked 3 hours.

Tuesday: Continued working on the invitation design for the red carpet event for the video's sponsors. And I also started an assignment on collecting information for events that are happening in the future in the BID area of Lebanon Downtown.

Worked 2 hours.

Wednesday: Worked solely on collecting information for BID events.

Worked 2 hours.

Thursday: Worked on and finished a new assigned to sort newsletter and survey emails from one spreadsheet to another.

Worked 5 hours.

Friday: Started work on a new assignment which was to make sure address information was included in certain documents.

Worked 3 hours.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Lebanon Mayor's Office, Week 5

Week 5, 2/12/18 - 2/16/18: 10.5 Hours Worked

Monday: Worked on a spreadsheet and research assignment.

3 hours worked

Tuesday: Visited local businesses in the BID area to advertise the city's new public parking system with the Parkmobile App.

2 hours worked

Wednesday: Took minutes for the Lebanon Valley Chamber of Commerce monthly meeting which was led by the mayor. Chamber members discussed different topics regarding strategies for economically growing the city of Lebanon.

2.5 hours worked

Thursday: Had a car accident, could not make shift.

Friday: Finished editing the minutes for the Chamber meeting.

Worked 3 hours.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Mohegan Sun Arena Week 3

Mohegan Sun Arena Week 3, 2/9/2018.  Hours worked: 8


Because of snow the office was closed on Wednesday and the Globetrotter media day was canceled. Today I began creating program ads for the upcoming PIAA (high school basketball) Tournament. I did this for a few hours and then escorted the Marines who were doing a salute for the national anthem tonight at Monster Jam. I helped escort media around and did last checks on the concourse before the show opened. Sidenote: Monster Jam is loud.

I worked 8 hours.

Hershey Theatre - Week 5

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

This week was a little more exciting than last week. I arrived at 11:30am. We made some more letters to send to Apollo musical evaluators and organized the mailing labels. I printed the score sheets and the tally sheets for the shows for upcoming weekends to be sent in those letters. I also was working on organizing the release forms submitted by high schoolers for the Apollo awards. We also listened to some songs being considered for the opening number of the Apollo awards and I offered some of my input on that as well.

After all of that, Tony invited me to come along to a focus group about plans to build a new community center in Hershey. It was pretty neat to hear about some of their plans first hand and hear about how the community felt about these plans. It was also a great opportunity to see how companies take into consideration the needs and the concerns of a community and go to great lengths to hear the input that people have. It was a very eye-opening experience. I left the meeting at 5pm.

Total hours worked - 5.5 hours

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Lebanon Mayor's Office, Week 4

Week 4, 2/5/18 - 2/9/18: 10 Hours Worked

Monday: Did not work, icy roads

Tuesday: Did not work, icy roads

Wednesday: Started working on a Notice of Violation spreadsheet assignment.

I worked 2 hours.

Thursday: Finished the NOV spreadsheet assignment.

I worked 5 hours.

Friday: Started and finished inputting new contact information for the city's newsletter as well as other work related to the newsletter and website technicalities.

I worked 3 hours.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Seventh Wave Studio Weeks 1-4

Week 1. 01/15-01/21

  • 01/16 Studio Introduction. No sessions.
  • Hours Worked 2.

Week 2. 01/22-01/28

  • Studio down due to renovations. 
  • Hours Worked 0.

Week 3. 01/29-02/04
  • 01/29 Tracking Session. Shadowed cello tracking session followed by discussion of concepts applied in session.
  • 01/30 Editing Session. Tested potential software for bouncing files for DVD format. Drum edits. 
  • Hours Worked 13.

Week 4. 02/05-02/11
  • 02/05 Tracking Session. Drum tuning 101.
  • 02/06 Editing Session. Cello and Drum edits.
  • Hours Worked 13.

Hershey Theatre Week 4

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

This week was pretty light. I only worked on Tuesday from 11:30am to 4:30pm. We worked on printing mailing labels for musical evaluators and student play writes to send them score sheets and other related Apollo information. This took up most of that time since we had to organize the letters, make sure all of the right information went in the right letters, that everything was spelled correctly and put together properly. I also got to work a little more on my long term project of consolidating all of the musical characters for Apollo consideration.

Total hours worked - 5 hours

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Mohegan Sun Arena Week 2

Week 2 1/29/18 - 2/2/18: 12 Hours worked

Wednesday: Today I began by compiling data and writing a report on how founder's suites are using their tickets to events. At the end of the hockey season these suites will be open to re-renting and the arena needs to know who will likely buy back in and who won't. The data and report I wrote will be used in upcoming meetings on which suite owners to target.

After that I researched began to contact local churches that might be interested in buying group sales tickets to the upcoming MercyMe concert. The only seats left for the concert are in the upper levels but the seats would be heavily discounted and any person in the arena is a chance to make money.

After lunch I learned how to create a newsletter and to perform an "email blast" to all email addresses the arena has. Then I learned about Ticketmaster One and how to gather data using the resources it gives.

To end the day I listened in on a call between my supervisor and the Harlem Globetrotters promoter Amanda Diamond. They ran over the media day schedule and how to sell more tickets. Sales aren't looking good but they are hopeful good advertising can change that.

 I worked 6 hours

Friday: Today I worked on a campaign focused around Canadian Olympian, Christian Thomas. I looked through the Penguins archives to find good photos of him to use on social media to promote "Gold Medal Savings".

Then I attended a meeting with Bold Gold Media, a media group who represents various TV and radio stations in NE PA. They are smaller and pricier than the media outlets the arena already uses, but they pushed that their dedicated listener base makes up for their small numbers. All in all, there was a lot of dancing around the bush in naming prices and the meeting took a long time.

Next I sat in a brainstorming session on how to sell club seats. This also took a long time and constantly got off track. I blame the super bowl and the rowdiness of a Friday.

At the end of the day I created ads for the video board using Adobe Aftereffects.

I worked 6 hours.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Lebanon Mayor's Office, Week 3

Week 3, 1/29/18 - 2/2/18: 15 Hours Worked

Monday: I was assigned a new project to research ways that other cities market their BID, such as vacant commercial properties and business incentives. I was also informed to continue researching Valentine's Day deals. Additionally, I was assigned to sort out the welcome letters the mayor wrote for displaced Puerto Ricans into the Spanish version of the City Resident Booklet.

I worked 3 hours.

Tuesday: I finished sorting out the welcome letters from Monday. I made additional progress with my assigned research for BID marketing and Valentine's Day promotions. I was also assigned a new project which was to summarize the Business Facts Summary of the Lebanon City BID area.

I worked 2 hours.

Wednesday: I finished putting together most of the information for the BID marketing assignment and for the Business Facts summary.

I worked 2 hours.

Thursday: I turned in the Business Facts summary as well as the BID marketing assignment. I also spent the bulk of the shift finishing the Valentine's Day promotions sheet. I turned that in at the end of the shift.

I worked 5 hours.

Friday: I spent the shift researching strategies that other surrounding cities implement for publishing their newsletters. For example, many city newsletters begin with a message from the mayor, and follow a consistent structure of stories and community events.

I worked 3 hours